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Sold [SOLD IN 20 WORKING DAYS] Dominant Market Leading, Shuttle Bus Service in Far North QLD – Ref # 1021995

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This is the Dominant Market Leading, Shuttle Bus Service in Far North QLD, Having The Long Term Support of Multiple, (Exclusive to This Operation), Government Contracts, & Having a 30 Year Trading History. These Two Businesses Have Always Been Staff Managed. Here is a Highly Profitable Way to Enjoy a High Flow of Money Into Your Bank Account, Without the Time Invested. Perfect for An Absent Investor, Located Anywhere in Australia (Remain Staff Managed, or Be An Owner Driver - For An Even Higher Net Income). Net Income: Cairns Run #1 - $132,556.05 p.a. (15/16) Owner Driver; Port Douglas Run #5 - $145,965.84 p.a. (15/16) Owner Driver

For more than 3 decades, this business has remained unrivalled by competitors, having secured on-going, and exclusive government contracts. This is one of the largest shuttle bus services of its kind servicing the FNQ region, based in Cairns, and backed by long term, major government contracts. This has the ability to ensure that any new…continue reading

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Sold [SOLD IN 5 WORKING DAYS] Direct Importer, Online Only, Home Based, Diverse Product Range, National Distributor/Supplier – Ref # 1021990


This is a Direct Importer, On-Line Only, Home Based (Base Anywhere in Australia), Diverse Product Range, National Distributor/Supplier. This Business’s Sales Increased By a Whopping 33.50% Interim 16/17. And You Make a Massive 52.88-53.64 Cents Net Income, Out of Each Dollar Earned as Sales…This is a Unique, Niche, Residential / Commercial Product Range. Enjoy the Part-Time Hours & A High Net Income…Net Income $42,856 16/17 Jul-Dec (6mths) Part-Time (10-20Hours) Hours per week

Established for many years by this current owner, who due to being at retirement age and family requiring a large investment of time, this business must now be relinquished to a new owner/investor. The net profit will delight you, as will the pure simplicity of what this business imports directly, from long term, high quality,…continue reading

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Sold [SOLD IN 39 DAYS WORKING DAYS] Diverse Cyclist Product & Accessory Outlet, Includes an Online Store – Ref # 1021982

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Cyclists cheering together on rural road

Est. 23 Years by This Current Owner, This is One of Brisbane’s Largest Cyclist Product & Accessory Outlets, And Includes an On-Line Store…Being One of the Most Diverse of its Kind, Able to Rival Its Competitors, Having This Unique Mix of Products & Services. Also Includes Management Staff. This Prominent Position & Having In Demand Brands Draws Clients From the Entire SE/QLD Region & Beyond.

Established for nearly 2 ½ decades by this current owner, this is a lifestyle business, and a financially rewarding one at that. This operation includes supplier contracts and provides a high barrier to entry, including offering a diversity of unique products and services which produce multiple, key profit centres within this business, which keeps tens…continue reading

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Sold [SOLD IN 17 WORKING DAYS] Profitable, Staff Managed Sunshine Coast Beauty & Massage Clinic – Ref # 1021961

Model Release: Yes
Property Release: Yes
Portrait of a young woman receiving a massage from a massage therapist

Enjoy the Passive Income From this Profitable, Staff Managed Sunshine Coast Beauty & Massage Clinic (Owner is Not a Therapist). Offering a Diversity of Services Which Provides a High Net Income Return, Relative to Investment. A Consistently High Re-Booking & Return Client Rate Supports this Absent Investor’s, Free Time Business Lifestyle…Net Income $100,999.27 p.a. (15/16) Owner Operator

This would be one of the most consistent providers of passive income for an absent owner, as this beauty and massage clinic is popular for providing a diversity of quality and constantly in demand staff managed services. This clinic has attracted a diversity of clientele from the entire Sunshine Coast region and have kept them…continue reading

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Sold [SOLD IN 15 WORKING DAYS] Home Based Direct Importer & Online, National Pen, Stationery & Associated Promotional Product Distributor – Ref# 1021955


Home Based, (Base Anywhere in Australia) Direct Importer & On-Line/Web Based, National Pen, Stationery & Associated Promotional Product Distributor. The Majority of All Client Product Orders Are Paid Up Front, Providing a Positive & Consistent Cash Flow, All Year Round! This is a Passive Sales Investment, Owner Investing Only Flexible, Part-Time Hours, Having a Manager In Place (Continuing Remotely for Any New Owner, Located Anywhere From Home).

Established for more than 3+ decades, this is one of the most financially stable, online niche market players, that provides its owner with a business ownership lifestyle of flexible, part-time hours, from the comfort and ease of a home base.   This business is extremely lucrative, as is a direct importer, as with sourcing and…continue reading

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Sold [SOLD IN 5 WORKING DAYS] Gold Coast’s Most Unique, Fully Staff Managed, Roofing Product and Repair Service Business – Ref #1021954


This is One of the Gold Coast’s Most Unique, Fully Staff Managed, Roofing Product and Repair Service Business…Providing an Extremely Lucrative & High Net Income, As with a Staggering Sales Growth of 19.22%! This Would Be One of the Most Diverse of Its Kind, And Being a Preferred Supplier to Hundreds of Business Clients, Who Provide a High Repeat Job Rate….

Established Nearly 40 years, on the Gold Coast, this business has only ever had 2 owners.   With the current owner investing approximately 5-8 hours per week, and is not required to be present at jobs, does not work on the tools and has no skill or background in this industry.   This investor is…continue reading

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