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$349,000 + SAVLow Cost, High Profit Margin, Beverage Equipment Hire & Product Wholesaler – Ref # 1022856

ad release 17Jun2019a

This is a Low Cost, High Profit Margin, National Beverage Equipment Hire & Related Consumable Product Wholesaler. There Being Multiple Streams of Inbound & Recurring Client Income, Including an On-Going Passive Income Receipted Monthly (Received For Many Years Due to Long term Client Loyalties). The On-Going Replenishment of These Quality, Own Branded Beverage Products Keeps the ‘Barrier to Entry’ High. All Products & Equipment are Contract Manufactured. Owner Invests 16 Part-time Hours Per Week, to Earn this High Net Income!

Established for the last 15 years, this is a low cost, high profit operation (can be easily based from any home in the nation). This is a high quality, national beverage machine hire and related beverage, consumable product wholesale/distributor. These consumable beverage products need to be re-ordered regularly by many business clients, across a diversity…continue reading

$495,000 + SAVPackaging Machine & Product Consumable Importer, Wholesaler & Direct Supplier – Ref # 1022854

ad release 17Jun2019a

This is One of SE/QLD’s Longest Established & Most Renowned, National Packaging Machine & Related Packaging Product Consumable Importers, Wholesalers & Direct Suppliers. Being a Market Leader Within this Niche Market, Distributing This Large Range to Thousands of Diverse Industry Business Clients. The Long Term Client Loyalty (Decades) and a High Repeat Purchasing Rate – Have Resulted in a Very High Net Profit…

This is an extremely long-established business, being operated for nearly 30 years by this same owner. This unique, market leading, and niche market machinery supplier (offering both sales and hire), plus distribution of always in demand consumable packaging products provides this owner with a very high net return. Able to provide a very solid percentage…continue reading

$299,000 WIWOMinor Onsite ‘Touch Up’ Service Provider – Ref # 1022846

ad release 10Jun2019a

This is a Minor ‘Touch Up’ Service Provider, Being Onsite, at a Large Number of Top Brand Vehicle Dealerships. Being an Extremely High Profit Service and Providing Any New Owner with a Very High Net Income, For Investing Part-Time Hours Only. This Business Provides a High Quality, Niche Service to Many Well Known & High Volume Vehicle Dealerships. Providing Speedy Payment, and Includes Staff Support…

Established for the last 17 years, this niche market ‘touch up’ service earns the big bucks. You’ll be delighted at just how high this net income actually is, for what is being done (a lot of money is made within a short period of time, per job). There is a constant and on-going demand for…continue reading

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