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$189,000 WIWO[UNDER OFFER] Fully Staff Managed, Commercial Kitchen & Catering Equipment Product & Service Provider #020


This is a Fully Staff Managed, Commercial Kitchen & Catering Equipment Product & Service Provider. Its Multi-Decade Trading History Bringing in 90-99% Inbound & Consistent Client Job Orders. Includes a Good Percentage of Paid Upfront Income! Is the Exclusive & Preferred Supplier to Many Aged Care/Nursing Homes, Schools, Hospitals & Hospitality Business Clients & Government etc…Net Income $198,717.32 (9mths ) Owner Operated, $143,542.46 (9mths) Staff Managed

Established for the last 5+ decades, this is a well renowned and trusted product provider, installer and repairer of a large range of commercial kitchen & catering equipment. Recommended repair and spare parts agent for over 20 major brands! Enjoying exclusive and preferred supplier status among its specialist aged care/nursing home and hospitality business client…continue reading

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$849,000 + SAVPool Product/Equipment & Servicing, Highly Profitable Essential Service #003

ad release 01Jul2019d

This is An Essential Service, With the Owner Confirming that Clients are at Home Using Their Pools, Which Has Increased Sales Volumes When Compared to Previous Years…This Being a Highly Profitable, Brisbane Based Pool Product/Equipment & Servicing Business. Includes an Administration Manager and Multiple Pool Service Technicians. This High Net Income is Due to Being Preferred Supplier to A High Number of Real Estates/Body Corporates & More Than a Thousand Pool Owners. This is Regular, Even Predictable Positive Cashflow Business, And Has a Large and Fast Growing Client Catchment Area!

Established for 14 years, this is a multi-brand business, with its brand diversity able to attract more than eleven hundred regularly serviced and supplied pool clients. These clients include a large number of long term, loyal business clients, including well known real estates, and body corporates etc. The monthly servicing of client’s pools generates an…continue reading

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$1,390,000 WIWONational Provider of Water Jet Cutting Services #084

ad release 23Mar2020a

This is a Well-Renowned 22-Year-Old National Provider of Water Jet Cutting Services, Currently Operating in SE/QLD (Could be Relocated to a New Location in Australia). Enjoying a High Gross Profit Margin, Multiple Passive Income Streams, and a Lucrative Net Profit. Staff Manage the Workshop and Requires No Marketing or Advertising to Support the High Repeat Ordering Clientele Who Have Made this Business their “Preferred Supplier” For Many Years… Clients Include Multinational, Public Companies, Government Departments, Military, Small Through to Large Businesses, As, They Require These Services For Their Own Endeavours to Remain Profitable!

Established for decades, this is one of the best known and most relied upon SE QLD based, but national ‘water jet, laser and plasma’ cutting service provider. Offering a diversity of cutting services, able to cut nearly any material, of massive thickness, that you can name (outsources all cutting other than water jet cutting which…continue reading

$252,000 WIWONuts/Bolts/Screws & Fasteners Wholesaler/Distributor & Online Provider #070

ad relaunch 06Apr2020a

Brisbane Based Wholesaler/Distributor, Direct to Client & Online Provider of a Large Range of Nuts/Bolts/Screws & Fasteners & Associated Products. Provides Clients with a Conveniently Located Outlet, Having Hundreds of Business & Trade Clients (Includes High Volume Businesses Who Require Regular Re-Stocking of Their Nuts/Bolts/Screws & Fastener Products, At Their Place of Business)…

Established for more than the last 20 years (3 owners only), this is a wholesaler/distributor, direct and online provider of a large range of nuts/bolts/screws & fasteners, all being supplied from its conveniently located outlet. Having been supported by hundreds of long term, regularly purchasing business/trade clients, (including high volume purchasers). This business delivers and…continue reading

$279,000 + SAVPreferred Line Marking, High Gross Profit #081

ad release 16Mar2020a

This is One of the Most Referred Line Marking Companies Within the Greater Brisbane Region. Being Preferred Provider to Hundreds of Clients, Producing a High Gross Profit Margin of 82.14%. The Financial Rewards Are High, For Servicing Coles, Schools (Contracted), Real Estates, Painters, General Businesses With All Their Legislative Line Marking. Making this One Lucrative and Profitable Investment. Includes a Production Manager & Trained Team in Place. You’ll Be Astounded at the High Rate of Organically Generated, Inbound & Repeat Client Jobs (80-90% of Sales)…Net Income $506,313.22 p.a. (18/19) Single Owner Operator.

Established for the last 12 years by this current owner, this is one vastly popular Brisbane based line marking service, being the main, preferred supplier and extension to so many core (small through to large) business/corporate and government clients (schools, government departments etc) located throughout the greater Brisbane region. This business is renowned for doing…continue reading

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$445,000 + SAVHome Based Educational Resources Importer, Wholesaler/Distributor #082

ad release 16Mar2020a

This is a Home Based (Locate From Anywhere in Australia) Niche Market, Direct Importer & National Wholesaler/Distributor or a Large Range of Childcare, School & Institution Furniture, Educational Resources and General Equipment (Including Puzzles, Chairs, Tables, Tools, General Furniture & Equipment etc.) Includes Multiple Exclusive & Sole Distribution Rights for Australia & NZ. Having a Wide Range of Products Which are In Constant Demand – Repeat & Inbound Orders Mainly! There Being Thousands of Clients on the Database…And Includes an Online Store.

Established 17 years by this current owner, retirement is providing this once in 13 year opportunity for a new owner to own and operate this direct import, national wholesale/distribution and commercially protected and secure supplier of products that every childcare and school requires to operate. All being operated from the comfort and convenience of this…continue reading

$310,000 WIWOIn Demand, Niche Market Specialist Courier Service #076

ad release 24Feb2020a

With the Same Owner Since Inception 11 Years Ago…This is One of the Most In Demand, Niche Market Specialist Courier Services Operating Efficiently Between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Having Hundreds of Regular, Daily Clientele, With the Client Retention Being Massive And There Being No Need For Marketing or Website. Existing Client Referrals Generate All the New Client Sales. Just Wait Until You See This Courier’s System of Operating!

After 11 years of perfecting the art of providing hundreds of business clients with a reliable courier service, this business makes multiple daily pickups from product suppliers (including hospitals) and delivers to business clients who require these products in order to make profits within their own businesses. This business has continued to expand, having 10…continue reading

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$299,000 + SAVWell Known, Curtain & Blind Product Supplier & Distributor #041

ad relaunch 16Mar2020a

Established for 19 Years By This Current Owner. This is a Well Known, Gold Coast Curtain & Blind Product Supplier & Distributor. Providing a Large Product Range to Both High End Residential and General Business/Commercial Clients. There is a High Profit Margin Achieved With this ‘Smart Business Model’. Includes Distribution Contracts for Unique Products…And Higher Profit Margins For Own Brand Products. Outsourcing the Vast Majority of Activity, Leaving More Time to Convert More Sales. This Investment Earns Big!

Having this unique blind & curtain product arsenal means that you have greater commercial security, and remain differentiated to competitors. Having a good proportion of sales being for own branded products means that the gross profit margin is higher, and clients continue coming back. This business makes converting clients into a large net income, all…continue reading

$695,000 + SAVGlass Product Supplier, Positive Cashflow #074

ad relaunch 16Mar2020a

Est. 30+ Years by this Single Owner, This Glass Product Supplier Offers a Positive Cashflow to Any New Owner (A Glazier Owner Not Required). This is One of Brisbane’s Most Respected & Well-Known Suppliers of a Large Range of Glass Products. Having a Large & Long Term Base of Mainly Commercial/Corporate/Government & Business Clients. Includes Staff Management in the Field, Office & Factory. Is the Preferred/Sole Supplier to Many Business Clients (Franchises, National Brands etc), With the Majority of Sales Being Inbound Job Requests and Repeat Client Orders...

Being so well established for the last 3 decades, puts this business in a unique investment category. Enjoying a relatively organic sales volume in the millions, being inbound and high repeat, on average. The majority of all sales are being generated by a large number of active, long term business, commercial, government and corporate clientele….continue reading

$1,390,000 + SAVEquipment, Furniture, Security Products, and Consumable Supplies #073

ad relaunch 16Mar2020a

With More than 40 Years of Trading History, This Business Includes Multiple Managers And is a Direct Importer, National Wholesale/Distributor & Supplier of School/Library/University/Council/Govt & Business Client General Equipment, Furniture, Security Products, and Consumable Supplies. This is One of the Largest of its Kind. Millions of Dollars in Sales (Sales Volumes Growing Over the Last 3 Consecutive Financial Years). Includes Exclusive, National Distribution Contracts, Sole & Preferred, Internally Registered Supplier Status, With Thousands of Great Paying, Commercially Secure Clients…This is the Very Best in the Nation!

This importer, national wholesaler/distributor and direct supplier of educational facility furniture, supplies, equipment, and consumables is a formidable player within Australia, having more than 4 decades of trading history within this sector. Being an ‘always in demand’ supplier, received on-going, inbound based client orders from thousands of education facility clients; private and public schools, local…continue reading

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