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[UNDER OFFER] Commercial/Business Fitout Management Service Business, Extremely High Sales Growth – Ref # 1022430

$995,000 WIWO Ref: 1022430

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This Commercial/Business Fit Out Management Service Business Has Posted Extremely High Sales Growth For Years, Combined With a Very High Net Income Return (Tax Figures)! Proud to Boast Multi-Million Dollar Top Line Sales & A Very High Net Income to Sale Ratio (Will Blow You Away – It’s that High). This is a Unique Business Model, Providing A Flexible, Part-Time Hour Lifestyle, Being Highly Supportive of a New Owner/Investor! This is One of the Best Time, Money & Effort Leveraged Businesses You’ll Find, This Decade. A Hefty Return on Investment is Being Offered Here (First Time Available Since Inception) … Net Income $866,745.90 p.a. (16/17) Owner Operated – Flexible Hours Per Week

  • This is one incredibly dynamic and extremely high net income return service based business. Offering a commercial/business fit out management service. It has developed all its highly effective operational procedures and systems, enabling the greatest possible time and effort efficiencies of owner and staff to be achieved. All be it that this owner is supported by this business, requiring only part-time, flexible hours. This lifestyle is also being underpinned by a massive annual sales growth, as with an extremely hefty net income return, per annum (full tax figures – that you have to see to believe!). This owner knows he needs the best tax minimisation advice, with this net income being posted, this is top of this owner’s priority list.
  • This business offers anyone the ability to make more money than they dreamed possible from this commercial/business fit out business. All being in response to providing a service which manages the time and activity of others (no manufacturing or production is completed in-house).
  • Since inception, the primary focus of this operation has been to achieve ultimate time, money, and energy efficiencies throughout its entire job management process. This has most certainly been achieved…
  • Clients include shopping centres, medical centres/medical clients, shop owners, commercial letting agents, property managers, business/commercial premise landlords etc.
  • This business has not required a proactive approach to developing new client business, it has remained constant, and growing organically by way of existing client and industry member referrals. Due to being one of the most organised operations within the fit out industry, it benefits greatly from having a vast referral network. No tenders have been applied for, as this business is already the preferred suppliers to many industry related majors, including complexes/multi-site/shopping centre sites (many are exclusively completed by this business).
  • The consistent workmanship of its team continues to provide the high and growing demand for end of lease fit out upgrades (compulsory), shopping centre shop fit outs – can be entire centre of shops, medical centre/office/branch fit outs, commercial/business fit outs – new/refurbishments, office fit outs etc.
  • The target markets of this business are not only well established, proving highly lucrative, such as medical centres/premises, health care (fast expanding and growing industry segment), office suites/professional offices, food businesses (high turnover of requiring end of lease/lease term refurbishments/complete fit outs etc.). With this constant inbound flow of new client work, that is being profited from (high average dollar invoice, per job). Then there is the large client deposits secured upfront. The positive cash flow is also an element that any new owner will want to write home about!
  • Uniquely, this is a low overhead operation when compared to other typical fit out industry members. Includes a project manager on team to oversee all client jobs, leaving the owner free, to oversee management and team. There are many jobs being completed at once, having a short completion turnaround, on average. There is no sign of this business slowing, as the more jobs completed, the more clients refer new work! You can have the best of everything by owning this business investment.
  • Life is made much easier when you earn this high net income, per annum. Choices become plentiful in your life. And this owner’s activity is not hard work, as the owner is not required to be on the job/tools (no manual labour). What a marvellous investment opportunity, which don’t often become available for transfer…This service business’s sales continue to travel upwards, of its own accord…be there to catch its financial and lifestyle rewards!

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