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Dash Cameras & Accessories Online, Web Based, Importer, Distributor – Ref # 1022382

$95,000 + SAV Ref: 1022382

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This Online, Web Based, Direct Importer, National Distributor of a High-Quality Range of Dash Cameras & Accessories, Was One of the First to Bring These to Market in Australia. Includes 80% (approx.) Product Sales to Commercial/Corporate, Business & Government Clientele (80% of Sales Being to Fleet Vehicle Clients). All Client Payments are Received Upfront, Making this a Positive Cash Flow, Low Cost, High Profit Margin Business. Base this Online Business from the Convenience of a Home Office, Located Anywhere in Australia…

  • This business has the right combination of being the proud supplier of some of the best ‘dash camera’ products in Australia, importing from trusted and reliable offshore suppliers, achieving a high gross profit margin, and remaining ultimately differentiated from competitors on line. The majority of this business’s sales are supplying online and direct, to fleet vehicle industry businesses, companies, corporate clients, and government departments (i.e. police / emergency services etc).
  • These are high quality, unique products, offered at value for money prices, online.
  • This is a home based, low cost on line investment, offering ample up side. A new owner can remain in the comfort, privacy and convenience of a home office located anywhere in the nation. Requiring as little as ½ the size of a bedroom as an office and to store stock.
  • These products are now legislated within many government vehicles and trucks etc.
  • This being an on-trend product business, providing convenient national supply, via courier/Australia Post. This product is ideal for companies who wish to remain on the right side of the law and protected from workplace, health and safety issues or costly disputes. These products are any insurance company’s dream. Settling disputes with real time footage. Proving place, time, incident facts and most importantly who was in the wrong.
  • This business’s target market has been the higher than average invoice amount, fleet/business owners, including receiving on-going referrals and repeat purchases from this large client database, representing 80% (approx.) of sales, per annum. As is a direct importer of these top selling range of products, which do stand “head and shoulders” above other products for its benefits and design features and inclusions, when compared to what’s being spruced online.
  • High profit margins are there to reward any new owner, if sales were grown from this already profitable level.
  • Having the right product to offer business owners, corporate clients, government departments etc, counts for the vast majority of this business’s largely, organic – Google AdWords based success.
  • There being an on-going source of inbound client enquiries, website traffic, and existing clients being numbered at nearly 3,000 (approx..). These clients want to spread the word, once they use these products, being worthwhile for any business or driver to have mounted on their dash. Cameras can’t be persuaded and don’t lie. They show it as it actually happened. There being no interpretation of events.
  • This represents a rare and wonderful on-line investment to continue to grow, and expand upon, given its near decade long trading history. It has proven and time-tested products, having already established itself among many of the nation’s best businesses and has a reputation for providing high quality, value for money products.
  • The Google AdWords campaign determines just how many inbound enquires are received, per month. So, set your level according to the time you wish to invest. This owner is only investing 10-20 hours per week, being part-time, flexible hours, and is still earning a good net income for doing so. Why not earn money from your own home office (1/2 of a spare bedroom area).

There is so much on offer here, so request the detailed profile and “look under the hood”, or in this business’s case, “over the hood”. This is a unique, and differentiated online market player, proud to be able to offer any driver of any vehicle, untold benefits for a relatively small investment. Thanks to direct importation of products, gross profit margins remain high, all the more to reward a new owner with. So much money could be generated if a new owner devoted the time and attention to this already solid base. For a quick transfer due to family circumstances, for only $95K + SAV ($8-10K approx. low stock holding)

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