Mercury 5 Sky is a Business Broking and Commercial Sales Firm that supports you in the process of sale, evoking the best possible result from buyers/investors. This is activated via national and international marketing and supported by our head office in the CBD of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

The company’s buyers span the globe (including many immigrants and immigrant agents). Experience of our team members dates back to 1999. The businesses sold have been varying types and industries; Wholesale/Distribution, Retail, Franchises, Services, Manufacturing, Health/Hair & Beauty, Transport/Distribution and Registered Training Organisations to name a few…

Business Broking is a highly sophisticated and demanding process which requires the highest professional standards. The company brings you professional marketing and broking experience across a large range of industries.

We are ever expanding and continually updating daily our central database of thousands of pre-qualified buyer’s who make continual requests for industries and different types of businesses such as yours …

By knowing how to evoke the best possible result for you when you Choose to Exit your Business or even when you purchase your own a Business, Mercury 5 Sky Business & Commercial Sales Boasts proven systems and procedures that dramatically increase and maximise the possibility for a successful transfer of your business into cash.  Our annual conversion rate from all businesses listed through to offer, Contract and Settlement is a massive 81.9%!

Here’s to turning Your Business into money and  if you are a Buyer of a Business, we are set on helping you to put Money into your pocket, by finding you the best cash flow investment matched to you.  We utilise a proven system, process and methodology, tried and tested over many years of operation, utilizing far more effective methods when compared with traditional approaches.

To achieve an ease when converting your business into Money or Converting your Money into the right business, our team has many years of experience and implement proven systems and ways to find you the right investment for you.  We can make the process of sale and purchase easier & far more efficient than you’ll find elsewhere.

Making the process quicker and far more efficient is our creed. With less intrusion from Buyer’s into your business, while still getting your business converted into a cheque, in a timely fashion. We pride ourselves on our confidentiality, and working with more ease, in less time and using less money to achieve great results for both Sellers and Buyer’s of businesses. When everyone is happy, the business transfers!

There is an art to understanding what generates greater results and responses and provides Buyer’s with quality businesses, making the process of transferring a business – easier, being far less effort and exposure for the Seller, being less intrusive and being highly protective of our clients, but still getting Seller’s what they want, as to the Buyers.

Confidentiality & finding that right Buyer for the Right Business is all in the systems, which  maximises the powerful elements that help match Buyers to Businesses to achieve the best possible results.

We make converting businesses into Money easier, for Both Buyer and Seller demanding less time, money & effort overall , for all those involved. Due to oh, so many different reasons and unique traits of operation (more information will be provided upon request).

During this process we guide both Seller and Buyer through  the somewhat demanding and highly emotional journey of transferring a business, and in the majority of cases we save our clients time, money and effort, with more confidentiality, even while communicating to thousands of active, pre-qualified buyers (already on file). The buyer numbers are continually growing, due to our devotion to proactive marketing of our client’s businesses on many of the largest visited available and searched by active Buyers. We are able to match Businesses to a Buyer at a touch of a button…

For a Buyer, we provide you with a high quality, fully detailed profile on the business/s of your choice, which makes Buying a business easier, more efficient and reduces the time it demands of you while searching for that right one! Accurate information is the key to making good decisions. Enough information to simply be able to make a rapid decision, saving everyone time, which is money!

Understanding that after hundreds of business appraisals that for a business seller, the following is regarded as “Worth its weight in Gold” when choosing a representative for their business:

  1. That your business sale is treated as Highly Confidential.
  2. Thet you are represented in the marketplace in a way that can result in achieving the greatest possible price for your business.
  3. That you, the seller would like to know the progress of the sale for each step – regular communication and feedback is vitally important.
  4. There are marketing systems in place to allow the right buyer to be matched quickly and produce results without large advertising fact, there are no on-going advertising fees charged of you when listing with Mercury 5 Sky, its our policy!