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[SOLD WITHIN 7 BUSINESS DAYS] Fully Staff Managed Day Spa and Beauty Treatment Business – Ref # 1022525

Sold Ref: 1022525

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This is One of Brisbane’s Most Commercially Secure & Most Frequented, Fully Staff Managed (Since Inception) Day Spa and Beauty Treatment Business Investments. Having an Absent, Non-Therapist Owner, & Providing 100% Paid Upfront Money, Which Drops Into the Account Daily, Being What Investment Life is All About! A Long-Term Manager is In Place to Manage All For You. This Net Profit Amount is Just the Beginning, Offering A Sound, Well Funded, Free Time Lifestyle, There Being So Much On Offer by Owning this Absent Investor Business…

  • Established for the last 16 years by this current owner, this is a day spa like no other, for many reasons, one being its position, who it is commercially connected to, as with being the ultimate passive investment.
  • This owner has a full-time corporate job elsewhere, leaving the long-term manager in place to operate the business in this owner’s absence! Profiting from this full staffed operation is just a daily occurrence, not being reliant upon this owner’s time, nor effort invested. This secure net income yield is due to its high socio-economic client quality and existing client catchment, with the majority being active, high repeat and returning clientele, being numbered in the many thousands.
  • All operational systems are in place and are followed by staff, offering this absent owner the ultimate commercial comfort, (this owner is not a trained therapist and has never worked within this day spa).
  • Services such as massages, facials, and group bookings/packages for hens parties, staff and corporate group bookings etc. make up the majority of this spas on-going income. $100K can be generated in just 30 days!
  • This is simply a proven, passive investment business. Providing a high barrier to entry and limited direct competitors, given its convenient location and overall unique, service offering. Who wouldn’t want to receive this on-going, absentee income!
  • Having this massive patron return rate, and marketing and advertising not needing to be a major focus of this owner, who has only a few hours spare for this business, as is employed full-time within another corporate role, or an employer – due to having passion within another vocation… this is a side line business investment for this current owner. Which can provide a fortunate investor with this ‘value for money’ transfer, we recommend that you seize it quickly before someone else does.
  • When you read about what makes this business different and sets it apart from its few competitors, you’ll understand why it won’t last long on the market! For any intelligent investor, who wants a life of doing very little, and time and effort not being related to the money that a business earns you, then this is for you…
  • Leave the management and long term staff, or step in and assume even more profit by managing the business, day to day, being your choice. You’ll understand why this endeavour is such hot property when you request the profile.
  • This has only ever been available for transfer now, being for the very first time in over a decade. Making money which provides holidays around the world, and the free time to enjoy them is just the tip of this iceberg. Have your week free and spend how you see fit, implement obvious business development ideas, which could yield you even more money.
  • This is one of the most popular and frequented of its kind within Brisbane, especially among the high quality socio-economic clientele it calls its own and consistently attracts via word of mouth referrals, being; professionals, ladies of leisure, middle to upper class clientele who have the money to spend on themselves, often.
  • There will always be a need for a spa within this present location, proving ultra-convenient and highly beneficial for clients to visit – as it aids in maintaining their overall health and wellbeing.
  • Here, you can now make good money from a business that has always been fully staff managed and has always generated a passive income for its non-therapist, absent owner! You can now change places with this owner.

A high return on investment is being offered here, due to this owner wanting to transfer within a short time, due to personal reasons. All for a value-based amount of only $180K + SAV ($10K approx.)

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