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Highly Profitable, Licensed Café/Restaurant, Prime Position – Ref # 1022157

$649,000 + SAV Ref: 1022157

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This is Highly Profitable, Brisbane Based, Licensed Café/Restaurant, Located In a Prime Position & Not Only Having a Popular, Tasty Menu, it Can Attract Hundreds of Followers & Returning Clients to this Establishment. Offering Any New Investor/Owner the Option to be Present or To Simply Let Staff Manage On One’s Behalf – The Net Profit is High – All Proven by Tax Figures!

  • This is a popular café/restaurant, located in a central location, attracting thousands of Facebook followers (nearly 5,000 followers), and loyal clientele who visit for their breakfasts, lunch, and dinners.
  • There is ample more opportunity to actively market and promote this independently owned brand, including expanding the local number of online/web-based meal delivery companies, (all outsourced). This home delivery offer generates an additional passive income for any new owner to enjoy and simply receive and process.
  • This is a consistent cash flow endeavour, requiring only a cook, not chef on team, all while providing an extensive, tasty and popular Australiana, ‘on trend’ menu. These food and beverage options (fully licensed) can be enjoyed by nearly any client demographic within the greater community.
  • Also surrounded by other notary businesses, which are also drawcards, a great deal of client traffic passes through these doors.
  • There is a power in the sheer simplicity of this financially sound investment. It allows for this business to make a high net income, relatively easily and consistently.
  • Even being so systemised (not a franchise or license), that it doesn’t require a new owner to have any background or prior experience.
  • It prides itself on providing a diverse menu and great tasting meals, having been appreciated by its many admirers for years. This business concept and brand has since found a niche within the industry, being a highly rewarding one! The right location, the right food and beverage menu, is just the beginning of this success story.
  • Make additional profits with the alcohol sales, as full financials are on offer for any new owner/investor to preview, as with the procedure manual to prove just how simple it is to profit from this strong and consistent cash flow investment.
  • This business has found the right mix and blend of attributes, finding the balance which allows the choice of this owner to be present or to be absent…while still profiting big!…Staff are capable of managing this business in the owner’s absence.

You’ll be delighted when you see the net income being generated by this investment. Choose to be present and save on staff wages, or have this business as your very own staff managed, positive cash flow business investment – This being your choice to make! $649K + SAV ($10-15K)

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