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Market Leading Online Home Based Event Product Hire Business – Ref # 1022156

$169,000 WIWO Ref: 1022156


17 Years on (14 yrs for the current owner), This is a Top On-Line Ranked, Online & Home Based Event Based, Product Hire Business. This Being a Market Leader for Both Brisbane & Gold Coast Regions for this Niche Industry. Invest Only Flexible, Part-Time Hours Per Week. Being Profitable, Making Money From Hiring Out the Same Equipment, Again & Again! There are Only a Few Competitors Who are Vying for the Corporate/Business & Private Client Market – This Being One of the Largest & Top Ranked By Comparison!

  • This could be described as one of the longest established lifestyle & home based, hire businesses. This business can be operated from the comfort of your own home – anywhere in the greater Brisbane or Gold Coast regions. The lifestyle and profit provided by this business has been so good that this owner has retained this business for nearly a decade and a ½! Now this owner/investor has arrived at retirement age, ready for a new owner/investor to step in and continue to grow this high gross and low cost venture.
  • The financial rewards are there for anyone of any background or skill.
  • The client hire bookings are all inbound, having very little marketing, other than online marketing implemented. Jump aboard this already rolling, “leisure lifestyle” provider.
  • This provides a great net income, not being directly related to the part-time hours invested. A high percentage of total sales income drops straight to the bottom line.
  • Providing a large number of high quality hire products, which are in demand, has resulted in creating a natural barrier to entry for this niche market segment. This has kept other companies at bay for the last 14 years. This business has its products booked up to 6 weeks in advance on average, sometimes even more!
  • This business provides you with nearly half of your week free to enjoy, as you wish. The phone can be taken anywhere, so you could be doing anything, at any time and still be able to make money, while your clients book your products.
  • This is a formidable market player, ready to be grown even further.
  • This transfer includes a high value of plant & equipment value, being conservatively valued, including high ranking website/s. Add even more products or bolt this onto an existing event/party hire service/product business.
  • With a massive client database, and 30% approx. being repeat client bookings from private clients, clubs/pubs, venues, business/commercial clients, across a myriad of industries.
  • These products are in constant demand.
  • The cash flow consists of clients paying upfront, upon delivery, or even before, making this one lucrative and cash flow positive hire service! There isn’t anything wrong with making money multiple times on the same product. This is just the “sweet nectar” offered by this business.

Welcome to a low cost business model which makes you money easily, requiring so few hours, per week, when compared to your average business. Only $169K WIWO 

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