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Niche Market Segment, Natural Therapies Clinic – Ref # 1022097

$72,800 + SAV Ref: 1022097

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This is a Niche Market Segment, Natural Therapies Clinic (Incorporates, Naturopathy, Massage & Acupuncturist etc.)…With Treatment Rooms Available to Add More Modalities. 80% (approx.) of Clients Pre-Book Their Appointments On-Line, Via The Website. Includes High, Average Dollar Sale Health Programs (In the $1,000’s) – All is Systemised/Documented for Ease of Transfer, Including a Large Range of Own Branded Products…

  • This business has always remained within this high growth, targeted, and niche market segment of the natural therapies industry.
  • This business includes a high value of intellectual property, being in the form of a large range of own branded/labelled and blended products, unique and can only be purchased by clients from this clinic only, (being outsourced to a contract manufacturer).
  • This business is unique as it offers numerous high dollar value, fully documented, and fully systemised client health programs, which include; detox, weight loss and other major health treatments. These all being on the rise within the Australian adult population. These programs allow for a unique method of leveraging a practitioner’s time within the clinic, proving invaluable in creating a dollar productive business investment.
  • This business also comes with multiple passive income streams, with additional means of tapping into this pipeline of sales flow, being suggested in the detailed business profile – emailed at your request. The programs have since been proven and tested among hundreds of health issue sufferers. What has emerged is a business that has decided to make the greatest use of modern technology, in which to best leverage time and ultimately achieve greater results for clients and ensuring an ease of business transfer.
  • The total number of practitioners within this business is on the rise. The multiple treatment rooms have capacity for more usage, there being a sizeable floor area in which to invite, a naturopath, physiologist, physio, chiropractor, or even a beauty therapist.
  • Located at the heart of a wealthy and mature residential area of Brisbane, this socio-economic segment of the population have the money to invest in their health. There are very few competitors surrounding this business, or even within this local area (being only 15-20 mins from the CBD).
  • The national trend is supporting the growth of this business, as with its specialty areas. This is highly popular, sought after destination clinic. Even able to be relocated for the convenience of a new owner.
  • This business would be perfect for an existing naturopath, or another other natural therapies modality practitioner.
  • The loyalty rate of clients is astounding, returning to this clinic to purchase supplements (unique to this business).
  • These health programs command thousands of dollars, and work!
  • The website is generating a high percentage of new client enquiries, even without the aid of Google AdWords! This business’s administration systems are fully documented, and are more importantly automated. Clients are simply found sitting in the waiting area for their appointment, sometimes having booked weeks in advance.
  • This owner has been part-time for much of last year, and must move on for personal reasons.

A highly supportive transition is being offered. This is a low cost, high repeat purchasing and referring client base to continue to build upon. $72,800 + (SAV) $8K approx.

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