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Wholesaler/Distributor of Beverages, Snacks, Confectionery, Grocery, Packaging & Cleaning Products – Ref # 1022158

$2,490,000 + SAV Ref: 1022158

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This Is One of the Largest, Wholesaler/Distributors of Fast Moving Consumables, Such as Beverages, Snacks, Confectionery, Grocery, Packaging & Cleaning Products, Within This Region (Protected by Contracts). Sales Continue to Grow from Strength to Strength, As With its Overall Market Share. Includes a High Net Income And One of the Largest Product Ranges On Offer, Making this Business a Market Leader…

  • Established for more than two decades, this would have to be one of the most dominant and well-known businesses and brands supplying this large region’s hospitals, schools, clubs/pubs, taverns, fuel stations, convenience stores, independent supermarkets, cafes, aged care/medical/nursing homes, chemists, health food stores and sporting/community clubs etc.
  • This is a marvel within this industry, as its stature has not been equalled by its nearest rivals, for decades. Left to simply add more products to its already mammoth offering of 10,000+ products (approx.), creating an ever expanding average invoice amount, per client. These loyal business clients choose to remain loyal for years, and have come to enjoy the convenience of less invoices, and one reliable delivery of more products. This business offers thousands+ businesses with all their fast moving consumables, mainly beverages, snacks, confectionery, grocery, packaging & cleaning products, and offering more products due to client requests.
  • This business represents a fortuitist acquisition for any new owner or company with similar product distribution, (i.e. food service or in a buying group etc.).
  • It would be hard to pass up this many millions in sales and this colossal hold of this region’s overall market share, this piece of the market pie having being retained for many years, to date. The sales are showing no signs of slowing, being in a popular area, and expanding readily as a result. This increase in sales activity is reflecting this region’s growing population and this business’s well-earned reputation for supplying a large range of products at highly competitive prices, all the while still posting high net incomes, per annum. With this volume buying power, suppliers fall over themselves to offer up great ‘buy deals’.
  • With contracts securing on-going retention of major brand/national clients, including national franchises and a diversity of clients from a range of different industries, the success and appeal of this operation is its product diversity, coupled with its clientele diversity. Making for a truly remarkable and profitable adventure for a new owner stepping in, to claim this mainly client-perpetuating, “client generated loot”. Clients are long term, loyal and loving of this business’s adherence to providing a personalised and highly responsive level of servicing and reliable product distribution.
  • This business is for the faint hearted, requiring no skill or prior industry background, as is fully systemised (includes a fully integrated software management system) – and is highly supportive of further sales growth. Why not invest in a simple yet powerful way of wholesaling/distributing a high volume of products, to a large range of clientele, all being in constant need of replenishing their stock purchased from you. These clients stretched across a popular geographic area.

All is summarised on the profit and loss of this business, with the net income being the resounding answer to a common question – Just how good is this business? No question, left unanswered with this business, especially after you see the bulging amount on the bottom line of the financials page. …$2.49 Million + SAV ($260K approx.)

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