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Renowned, Concrete Cutting & Core Drilling Service Provider – Ref # 1022810

$298,000 WIWO Ref: 1022810

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This is One of SE/QLD’s Most Renowned, Relied Upon & Trusted, Niche Market Service Providers. Being Sole/Exclusive & Preferred Supplier to Many Local Government Departments, Civil Companies, General Business/Commercial Clients, Mainly. Having 80% (Approx.) of All On-Going Job/Purchase Orders Being Inbound, Generated From High Repeat and Long Term - Core Business Clients. Offering a Positive Cashflow & High Net Income. Major Clients & Many Government Departments Paying Within Only 7-14 Days!

  • Established by the current owner for the last 9 years, there is a high barrier to entry for this niche market service. Being niche keeps competitors at a minimum. With the profits being plentiful, just wait until you see this high return on investment! All thanks to operating within this always in demand niche segment!
  • This business’s net income is high, providing any new owner (no trade background or skills required – all will be trained) with a high return on investment business.
  • This brand being the sole/exclusive and preferred supplier to many core clients across a variety of different industries. Just wait until you sight the profit and loss statements. You will understand how this business generates a whopping 85%+ gross profit margin, and can be home based anywhere within the SE/QLD region.
  • There being on-going, existing client jobs being requested, inbound – constantly. These clients are long term and are placing high repeat orders, requiring very little outbound marketing, or sales/client growth initiatives. These clients need this niche service for them to continue making profits, including those who have won government tenders. As this business has become a popular provider of outsourced work for many clients. They choose to outsource this element of their tender, rather than completing in-house.
  • This business has won numerous tenders over the years, with another already submitted recently. Even so, many local government departments continue to raise job orders, as this brand is one of a few listed internally as a preferred supplier for many local government departments, across multiple shires. Being retained for years on internal local government service provider lists, continues to bring in the government work orders. Payments from the majority of clients is within only 7-14 days!
  • This niche industry remains under the “radar”, resulting in very few competitors! But sometimes this is the way to success, as the civil, general business, trade based clients and government know that they require this service on-going, so they can make their profits and money within their own businesses. Just wait until the service type is revealed…there are just so few who undertake this type of work, so all must be held under wraps until the highly detailed profile is viewed. Most don’t realise just how required this service actually is. Required for footpaths, traffic islands, factories, residential home estates, bitumen roads, general business premises etc. Even being required on-going for plumbers, electricians etc. This is quite simply major civil companies “go to” business. Being trusted and renowned for doing what it promises on the job site.
  • This business having traded for nearly a decade. Respected among its many core business clients, this business has the luxury of being able to “pick and choose” the most profitable and high-quality jobs and clients. By owning this service business, all will be trained. A new owner, requiring no specific trade or prior skill, as with providing high return on investment and handsome profits. You can now receive the robust financial spoils of providing this niche service, as this business has never been available for transfer, until now.  Why wouldn’t anyone want to earn this high return, again and again, each and every year. Just wait until you see the number on the bottom line…it will most certainly delight you.
  • Become financially secured for many years to come. Even decades. There being ample existing client business being provided reliably, and on-going – inbound. Constant work being referred by local government departments. Basically, many trades lean on this provider so that they can invoice clients for their work. This is an integral service. Massive growth potential for those wanting to expand the current operation.

This is a positive cashflow, low overhead service business, which allows you to receive high profits and having your transfer amount returned to you in full, within a very short time. Receive full training, a high net profit return, as with a high equipment value for only $298K WIWO – Genuine transfer.

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