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[SOLD] Uniform/Workwear Supply, Unique Business Package – Ref # 1022644

Sold Ref: 1022644

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This National Uniform/Workwear Supply Business Does Not Despatch Any Client Orders, it Just Receives Clients Upfront Payments, As is Uses a Drop-Shipped Model For All Client Orders. Able to Be Based From Your Home Office, Anywhere in Australia. The Second Business Is Online and Services Clients Directly Providing A Passive, On-Going, Monthly Income, Based Around a Proven Software System, Which Supports Business & Corporate Clients Retaining Client Loyalty & Spend…This is a Unique Business Package On Offer! Profitable For Flexible & Part-Time Hours, Per Week.

  • This is a package of two online businesses, first, the uniform/workwear business was established in 2008 and is an online distributor for over a dozen of Australia’s leading promotional and corporate clothing brands, with products warehoused in most state capitals, allowing suppliers to drop ship goods on this business’s behalf, overnight for most orders, without you needing to store or touch goods or even meet any clients. This long term and existing base of clientele stretches throughout the nation. 
  • Client orders (with the exception of schools/govt), are all paid in advance, meaning great cash flow and a well-trained existing data base of clients who always pay when orders are placed and ready to be dispatched.
  • No industry experience or inventory needed (the suppliers hold and distribute all stock) in multiple warehouses in most state capitals, with detailed product catalogues and websites offering all product info, conveniently.
  • This business includes two additional websites, created as online ordering portholes for clients who have been ordering for many years, which allows their members to place orders and make payment online without contacting our main website. Under marketed, as most client orders are inbound, providing huge potential for further sales growth, as this business is currently operated as a side project for the current owner.
  • Time invested is part-time, and minimal, for the return being earned as bankable profits!
  • This business has been operated under full staff management for the majority of its trading years, with all areas of this operation being highly systemised, and well documented, which will enable the new owner/s to run the business via detailed / easy to follow procedure manuals.
  • This online “business package” is ripe for picking and is easy transfer to any new owner looking for an investment which is part-time, passively profitable, with little of these few hours spent on expanding the business, due to other commitments in the current owner’s life. 
  • The second business is a corporate/business passive income based, software marketing system, which provides clients with the ability to outsource or execute in-house their own, customised client retention and loyalty program. This being based around a proven software management system, which provides this owner and business with an additional passive income, paid monthly. This gross profit margin being high!
  • Both businesses are low time and cost models, all able to be run from a phone and computer. Or, put under staff management, your choice.
  • If you’re looking for a passive income which can be based from home, anywhere in Australia, and not need to hire staff, touch products (uniform/workwear business), but still profit from supplying businesses, schools, and gov’t clients nationally, then this is an ideal investment for you.
  • The business is structured in a way that any savvy investor could increase revenue quickly by giving these businesses full attention and either operate it under staff management or take all the profits for oneself…$189K + SAV ($30-35K approx.) Open To Offers

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