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Unique Producers, National Wholesalers/Distributors & Direct Suppliers of Trailers – Ref #1022269

$419,000 + SAV Ref: 1022269

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This is One of the Nation’s Most Unique and longstanding Manufacturers, specialising Mainly in Government, Business & Commercial Client Markets. Clients of this business Include Many Major Government, Military/Police Departments & National Franchise Company Clients etc. This Provider also supplies direct to the public, Being Hundreds of Client’s Sole, Exclusive or Top Preferred Supplier, For All Their New Trailers and Associated Repairs/Maintenance and On-Going Servicing…

  • Established for more than the last 3 decades (36 years), this owner has owned this staff managed, national client, trailer producer/fabrication business for the last 26 years, and is now retiring. There includes a multi-layer of staff management, being in addition to support staff.
  • This is a highly systemised and process driven operation, able to make a trailer from the large, core and top selling trailer product range, or even customise it to any client’s wants and needs, within only minutes (being semi-automatic).
  • There exists capacity to continue to grow this already upward climbing sales volumes. Needing no marketing/advertising for many years, as the high repeat and return purchasing rate and referred client business is enough to keep this business constantly booked weeks in advance!
  • Every year for the last 3 years has seen an organic growth, all organically.
  • There are a high number of long term, (more than half a decade or more), loyal clients who have made this supplier their sole, exclusive or only preferred trailer supplier.
  • This business is also able to flaunt a positive cash flow, with the vast number of trailers being produced, being paid for upon delivery.
  • This business provides a very consistent source of on-going income, requiring that the new owner not have any prior industry background, knowledge or skill.
  • The unique fabrication processes and systems are all fully documented, making it easy to transfer this enterprise successfully.
  • This owner after 26 years owning this business, knows just how good it is, and what a provider it has become, but is now retiring. Being decades long established and most importantly trusted within the greater client community, across a great diversity of industries, anyone and any type of business/commercial or government client purchases from this business.
  • Enjoying the great value and quality on offer. At highly competitive prices for high quality workmanship and unique trailer designs, makes this one of the most unique within our nation.
  • There is potential to grow the export sales (as has done so previously). Being staff managed provides a new owner with the ability to take full advantage of fee time, and hours spent working when you want, “on the business”.
  • A great business ownership lifestyle is being offered here. Clients are located throughout Australia, with geography not being a limitation.
  • This business after 36 years has proven its worth and is highly respected within this industry, and especially among these high quality, large and notary business/gov’t clients.
  • It has the internal capabilities to grow its sales, without needing any active encouragement from its owner. This business has products which are differentiated and in constant demand. Able to be supplied, anyone, anywhere. Relocation of this business is also possible.
  • This investment has not been available for transfer to a new owner for the last 26 years, so make the most of this opportunity.
  • Let this fund a great passive income lifestyle and allow it to support your life’s wants, needs and desires. This owner chooses to be present, optional, part-time hours per week, to oversee activity reports and staff activities. Supervises large invoice clients etc.


All this for only $419K + SAV ($70K)

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