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Vending Machine Business, Ample Net Income, Flexible, Part-Time Hours – Ref # 1022354

$211,000 + Stock + Float Ref: 1022354

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This is a Vending Machine Business Which is the Best Size to Own. Offering You Ample Net Income Return, for Only Flexible, Part-Time Hours, Per Week. With a Multiple Decade Ownership By this Same Owner…These Vending Machines are High in Number, and Are Collecting Money for You Passively & Regularly, Being Located Throughout the Greater Brisbane Region. These Many Sited Machines Are Sited Within High Quality Client Premises and are All High Quality, Being Well Maintained For Years.

  • Imagine that you get to wake up to a business that you own, which involves mainly visiting your vending machines, to replenish stock, and collect your cash money for a few days per week. Sounds like a pretty cruisy way to earn a good living. When you realise the net income being earned is, (which is included in the detailed business profile), you will understand what your life could look like, and just how much money you could earn, to fund this part-time life.
  • There is a simplicity to owning a vending machine business, especially when you own one of this size (not too large, not too small – just right).
  • You don’t have to be personally present for any of the high number of vending machines, which are located throughout the greater Brisbane region, to be collecting money for you. And as a result, you can profit big, mainly due to having such low costs and overheads.
  • This is a convenient, and comfortable home based business, whereby you set your own times, and can have a life as well. There is not that much demanded of you, other than to visit the machines and store a small amount of stock within your garage or spare bedroom. Have a laptop handy and see just how much money you are making, by the day or even by the hour, while not even having to leave your home office chair.
  • This business is great to own, one of the sizeable returns on offer, being extremely long established, by this same owner (2 decades). This return on your investment, does not require you to work hard. Security for you is gained through owning this high number of vending machines, and having a diversity of high quality client sites in which to have them sited, over the long term.
  • The machine value being transferred here is also extremely comforting. It is all in the way that vending machines produce you income, ever so simply and consistently. While you need to visit the site to mainly collect the money and replenish stock, this main task is simple and can be enjoyable.
  • These existing clients have chosen to remain loyal to this business for many, many years (even decades). There has been no reason for these clients to seek alternatives, as the service offered this business has continued to be A1.

So, request your own detailed profile and see just what your business life could look like. Who wouldn’t want to earn this high net income, whilst enjoying yourself! Be Quick, As All for Only $211K + SAV + Machine Float

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