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[SOLD – OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 45 BUSINESS DAYS] Aged Care & Mobility Product Supplier #091

$399,000 + SAV Ref: 1023226

This is an Organically Growing Aged Care & Mobility Product Supplier, With Showroom. Achieving a 15.35% Increase in Sales (19/20)! This is the Preferred Supplier to the Majority of All Major and Growing Aged Care Providers Who Operate within this Local Region. This Business Supplies the Growing and In Demand Aged Care Industry & Its Government Funded Clientele. This a Profitable and Positive Cashflow Business, Offering Financial Security & a Diverse Client Base. Surrounded by a Large and Fast Growing Client Catchment Area!

  • Established for more than 22 years, this is a financially secure aged care & mobility product supplier and outlet. It requires so few staff and has achieved a growth in sales that has not required an owner’s active encouragement. Occurring organically, thanks to a growing demand within the government supported aged care industry, clientele within this fast-growing region constantly require aged care and mobility products, on-going. Government funding makes it easy for a diverse clientele to pay for all their product purchases upfront, making for a positive cashflow investment.
  • This is one extremely well trusted, established, and popular aged care product supplier. Being mainly referred and receiving a constant flow of inbound and organically generated client enquiries. This business has most certainly “earned its stripes” with the largest and most notary aged care providers within this fast growing industry. These are the government registered organisations who support tens of thousands of clients, and have chosen for many, many years to simply refer new clients this business’s way.
  • Being renowned for its caring service and attention of clients, and being competitively priced, this superior customer servicing has given it the “lion share” of referrals from the majority of all major and notary aged care providers. There being so few direct competitors to this business, 2 mainly) within the immediate local region and having little effect on this business whose sales just continue to grow. This is without this owner choosing to do anything differently, nor invest in actively communicating to an existing client database or implementing any marketing or sales initiatives. This owner has been content with the financial return of this business and has simply enjoyed it for many years (Decade+ of ownership). This long list of well-established providers, including hospitals, make up an enviable referral network, which has made this business their first point of reference.
  • These clients include a large number of long-term loyal business clients, including thousands of existing clients captured on the existing database (product servicing, repairs & maintenance has not been encouraged, for example). The owner not needing to actively pursue new client sales, thanks to being in such constant demand, and referred so often.
  • This is a wonderful lifestyle-based business whereby, your clients are being sent to you constantly. This being a low cost gratuity, free referrals from those who are the largest players and who dominate the aged care industry, but do not operate within your same market segment – As, you both need each other in order to service the client. It being ultimately convenient for the providers to simply refer clients to a business they trust.
  • Having built up such a long-standing industry reputation, after decades of trading and by doing the right thing by clients, has led to this owner to transfer an extremely financially secure, recession proof, and growing business. It is highly profitable and being a relatively low-cost endeavour. There are ample ‘profit centres’, including hiring out of equipment that can still be tapped into, so that a new owner could continue to grow actively, rather than passively.
  • Enjoy the fact that this sales growth is a natural and organic by-product of operating within a high demand and growing industry. Thousands of people, and an exceptionally long list of industry companies and organisations, including hospitals, who all resort to this product supplier for their client’s aged care and mobility product needs.

Enjoy a business whereby the government funds your client’s product purchases, with there being millions upon millions provided to clients, per annum. All for only $399K + SAV $50-70K (approx.) Plus, the Freehold is available for only $749K.  Owner Open to Offers

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