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[OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 3 MONTHS] Brisbane Based, Staff Managed Adult Product Supplier & Outlet #104

$749,000 + SAV Ref: 1023337

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This Brisbane Based, Staff Managed Adult Product Supplier & Outlet Enjoys a Prime and Busy Road Location. Has Proven to be 4.5 Times More Profitable Than the Average Business…This Business Supplies Products to Clients 18-90 Years Old. Including Referred Patients from an Existing Medical Network. This Business’s Products Are Always in Demand, Being Purchased Repeatedly by the Average Man and Woman. Also Includes Mail Order Clients in Rural & Remote Areas. This is a Highly Reputable, Well Known and Long-Established Business Renowned for the Supply of High-Quality Products. Sales Have Increased By Nearly 10% in 19/20, and 20/21 Also Showing a Staggering Sales Growth. This High Net Income is Now Ready to be Transferred to a New Owner…

  • Being established for more than the last two decades, this adult product supplier and outlet is available for the first time after nearly decade and a half! This is a fully staff managed operation, with this owner investing barely 5 hours, per week. It is now time for this long-term owner to transfer this positive cashflow business. Having made millions over the years, as this business, having such a large client following and constant product demand, continues to provide consistent annual sales. Sales growth achieved in 19/20 and year to date.
  • This being such a high profit and lucrative operation for any new owner to take hold of. Requiring no prior industry background, knowledge of specific skills. This staff managed investment provides a greater financial reward than most other industry businesses. Therefore, further sales growth will reward any new owner. Able to pocket 4.5 times more net income than most businesses achieve! This means that this business’s net income is approximately 45.42 cents for every dollar of sales generated. This is truly impressive…this is after all costs, products, being fully staffed etc.
  • These highly profitable businesses rarely hit the market, as there will always be a demand within society, clients of all ages, and from every socio-economic class, who want to rekindle their relationships, support, and enrich their love lives. It is natural for clients to want to enjoy pleasure.
  • This business supports the average person in having fun, as the majority of clients say they are keen to keep the passion alive in their marriages and want to keep their relationships exciting.
  • The medical based referrals received by this business are also consistent, with doctors, nurses and medical staff referring clients to this trusted and professional business. These products can support patients after having reproductive related treatments or surgeries.
  • This business is unique, as its principles are set to provide clients with a friendly, highly professional environment in which clients can discreetly and comfortably purchase their desired products or costumes. This business’s sales soar during Christmas/New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s day, and Halloween. Clients of all ages are made to feel welcome, at ease and are welcomed by well presented and uniformed staff, who all have the client’s interests and privacy at heart.
  • This business’s large, diverse and high quality product range caters to the average man and women, there being something for everyone, products which allow relationships to be improved, intimacy shared, and fun to be had.
  • This is the ultimate ‘under marketed business’, but has always been ever so profitable.
  • This owner has maintained an enviable ‘free time’ lifestyle, earning all the money that this owner has ever wanted, including this business purchasing many major assets over the years (homes/businesses etc). This owner has been able to devote ample time to family, being based from a home office. This extremely comfortable financial position makes for a contented owner, not being motivated to actively generate more sales. Just wait until you see how much is being earned, by staff, and what this owner hasn’t done as yet!
  • All in all, the rewards for any new owner will set one up for life – financially. For every dollar earned, a mass of net income is being generated for the benefit of its owner. All money being receipted upfront, providing a positive cashflow business. This is one professional and well presented business, having staff with the product knowledge and professional demeanour that supports the day to day management of this business, on behalf of this absent owner.
  • The many suppliers provide highly saleable products, also being extremely wealthy and professional business people, also having well run businesses. The pride is in the supply of the highest order and quality of products. Top international and leading product brands are being supplied. This is an interesting, and ‘feel good’ industry to profit from…easily.
  • The next owner just has to beat the other potential owners who will also be vying for this investment. Email quickly.
  • With such a high rate of existing client return purchasing, a minimum of the last 4 financial years showing consistent sales, with recent years showing increases, generated passively, there are many benefits to be gained by owning this unique and highly lucrative staff managed investment. Little wonder that there have only ever been 2 owners in more than two decades of trading. This owner remaining for the last decade and a half! Yes, this business is that good…
  • The owner is always surprised at just how many clients and just how much money is spent enjoying and enhancing client’s pleasure and intimacy. These clients range of all ages – 18-90 years old, and being mainly, the average man or woman.
  • This being one of the best times to enter this business and make even more money. This business and its quality products help clients to enjoy life to the fullest.

Read the highly detailed profile and you’ll understand just how profitable this type of business is. This product range and supplier support’s client’s relationships, marriages and inspires intimacy and pleasure. For the first in…email us now to receive the detailed business profile. All for $749K + SAV ($90-100K approx.)

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