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Brisbane Based Workplace Health and Safety Training Organisation #186

$229,000 WIWO Ref: 1023602

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This Brisbane Based Workplace Health and Safety Training Organisation Does Not Need to Be a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to Enjoy its High Profits and Low Cost Operating. It Generates the On-Going List of Students for its Many Courses, Certificates and Diplomas from its Large, Existing Corporates/Business and Government Department Client List. Organically, this Business Continues to Grow its Sales. Having a High Client Return & Attendance Rate. It Simply Outsources the Certifying/Accreditation of Students to a Trusted RTO Partner. This Means that this ‘Always in Demand’ Legislatively Required, Training Service Business Receives its Income Without Investing More Than $1,103 in Annual Online Marketing (No Social Media).

  • Established for many decades, 3 decades in fact, this is a unique business, providing extensive range of courses, certificates and diplomas for workplace, health and safety training. This business, due to its low operating costs, would be one of the highest net to sale ratio businesses you’ll find. This means that for every dollar of sales generated, much of it lands as net profit in this owner’s bank account.
  • With 80+% of its training being conducted within the greater Brisbane region, you should see the quality and notary client list, which includes businesses from across a myriad of different industries, corporate brands, multi-national/national clients, and many government departments (local and state).
  • There is great value in all the course materials that this business has created over the years and owns. Being transferred as part of this value package. The vast majority of all training is held either on site, within this business’s training facility or within government department sites, corporate businesses or out in the field.
  • This is an enjoyable and high profit business to become involved with. The course materials allowing anyone attune to providing training to be guided by the owner and well written course materials, so to continue conducting the training. There is enough net income for a new owner to hire and replace the input of the current owner, or even add more trainers to the fold. There is an existing network of trainers and consultants who assist with the providing of training by this business.
  • The administrative / customer service staff are also willing to remain on for a new owner, if they require them.
  • The courses are easy to follow by any new owner, and ample training and tuition will be offered upon transfer.
  • After 30 years of trading, this owner has not needed to invest a large sum of money in advertising and marketing this training offering, as it sits comfortably on its laurels, able to enjoy a high rate of return student attendance and general training activity that comes from owning and being trusted by a very large list of different industry businesses, including government departments.
  • The new owner can come and enjoy an inbound based, stream of new clients and attendees to its long list of registered courses (avg. 1-5 days, plus diplomas).
  • This business is supported and outsources its student certification and accreditation to an RTO – a registered training organisation, as partner to this business. This business therefore, can then focus on providing the training and course materials to students (rest is provided by the outsourced RTO). This keeps this business’s function as simple and as cost effective as possible.
  • All the courses are of the highest standard and are fully documented, making it easy for any new owner to step in and present to business and government client attendees (staff). This high rate of inbound and referral-based course and subsequent training attendance is certainly something to behold, requiring so little in the way of owner encouragement, designated marketing/advertising budget or related business development activity, in which to generate the student numbers, the total sales, and this favourable net income reward.

This owner will shadow any new owner and be happy to provide ample training, tuition, and support during the transition of this unique training organisation. Come and enjoy the people participation, training, and liaison, as with the commercial security of a business that workplace, health & safety legislation makes ‘always in demand’. More so than ever before, as WH&S provisions are constantly being reviewed and upgraded for workplaces.

All this value for just $229K WIWO  Owner open to offers

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