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$589,000 WIWO[UNDER CONTRACT – OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 16 BUSINESS DAYS] Established, Corporate/Business Outdoor Garden Maintenance Service #102

ad release 31Aug2020a

This is One of Brisbane’s Longest Established (32 Years), Corporate/Business Outdoor Garden Maintenance Service. Providing Large, Quasi-Government, Notary, Multi-Nationals, Corporate Office Building, Motels, Shopping Centres, Business Premise Clients, with a High Quality, ‘Value for Money’ Based Service. These Great Paying Clients are Provided Regular “Set & Forget” Services Which Will Always Be Required. Providing the Ultimately Predictable, High Net Profit (Year in, Year out). This Owner Has Made Millions in Net Income Over the Years… You Should See How Much Money this Business Makes. Requires its Owner Part-time Hours Only (1-3 days) as Oversees the Staff Who Complete All the Regular Client Jobs.

Established for the last 32 years, this owner is now retiring, having made millions from owning this part-time, flexible hour business. One this is for sure, this type of business is owned and kept over the long term and rarely hit the market. This one in fact, has been 12 years in the waiting! The…continue reading

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$689,000 + SAV[SOLD – OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 24HOURS WITH 4 COMPETING BUYERS!!] One of SE/QLD’s Largest Produce, Pet Product Supply and Distribution Business #125

ad release 14Dec2020a

This is One of SE/QLD’s Largest Produce, Pet Product Supply and Distribution Businesses. Offering a Very Large Range of Top Selling, High Sales Growth and Always in Demand Pet Foods and Related Goods. There are Thousands of Products, as With Clients. The High Volume Clients Enjoy ‘Home/Business or Quasi-Gov’t Site Delivery’ & Repeat Purchasers are Grateful for this Conveniently Located Outlet/Warehouse. A Massive 92.39% (approx.) of Sales are Paid Upfront, Providing a Positive Cashflow to Any New Owner (No Money Worries Here). In Addition to this High Net Income, Which Has Grown Each and Every Year for More Than the Last Half Decade, an Additional $500K Has Been Added Organically Within the Last 3.5 Years - Alone. This is Already a Growing, Multi-Million Dollar Sales Pet Product Supplier, Which Has a Part-time, Flexible Hour Owner….2IC, Assistant Manager as with Support Staff to Operate Day-to-Day.

This is one of SE/QLD’s largest and longest established produce, pet product suppliers and distribution businesses. This investment only ever having 2 owners during its 35 years of trading. This fact alone is testament to not only how profitable and therefore well-funded this part-time hour owner is by owning this investment, but just how supportive…continue reading

$239,000 + SAV[UNDER CONTRACT WITHIN 14 BUSINESS DAYS] 4WD Product Supply Business, High Profit Margins #123

ad release 30Nov2020a

Located on the Gold Coast and Enjoying Thousands of Social Media & Existing, Referring and Returning Clients, this $1.4 Million Dollar Annual Sales (Up by 23.08% in 19/20), 4WD Product Supply Business. This is as 4WD Specialist Tyre, Wheel, Bull bar, Lift Kit & Product Accessory Supply Business, Having a Highly Experienced Manager & Mechanical Staff in Place (Not the Owner). High Profit Margins are Made from the Supply and Fitting of 4WD Products, Being a Specialist Within this Growing Market! Upfront Client Payments are Receipted, so You Can Sleep Extremely Well at Night…

Long established, this 4WD product supplier and specialist business is not only well located on the Gold Coast, but enjoys a cultish following. It is renowned for its value for money pricing, high quality products and personalised service. This is proudly a 4WD tyre/wheel and associated product and accessory business, enjoying a high rate of…continue reading

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