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$225,000 WIWONiche Marine Service and Product Supply Business #131

ad relaunch 12May2021a

Established for Nearly Two Decades by This Current Owner, This Is a Niche Marine Service and Product Supply Business (Being Best Suited to Anyone with A Glazier or Auto Glass Industry Background – But, All Can & Will Be Trained a New Owner). This Business Has So Few Competitors Within SE QLD, As It Provides What Most Others Don’t… Sales Up By 13.53% 20/21! This Is a Supplier Which Includes a Major International Yacht Product, Being A Preferred Product Reseller, Receiving On-Going Referrals of New Clients, In Addition to A Large Volume of High Repeat, Existing Commercial/Business & Privately Owned Vessel Sales. These Clients Require This Well Renowned and Trusted Product and Relates Services…On-Going!

18 years of establishment by this current owner constitutes long-term ownership. This owners near two-decade tenure is confirmation that this business has been an attractive financial and lifestyle investment. The growing number of client jobs is occurring mainly within the greater Brisbane and Gold Coast regions. This is a unique and niche marine industry product…continue reading

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$199,000 WIWOOnline Uniform, Apparel & Merchandise Product Supplier #115

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This National, Online Uniform, Apparel & Merchandise Product Supplier Includes a 3PL/Logistics Company, Outsourced Supply Partners for Branded Uniforms and Has Contracts for Uniform Supply & Management Services Annually, With Large Corporate - Multi-Site Players. Provides a New Owner with a Positive, Paid Upfront Cashflow & An Online Ordering System that Comes with Time & Cost Efficiencies That Most Business Owner’s Want, But Don’t Have…

Established since 2007, this is a national, online based, uniform and merchandise product supply business, offering any new owner, (no matter their prior background or skill), a highly effective online, mainly inbound order and website based operation. After 13 years, clients have come to trust this provider, having such a high client retention and repeat…continue reading

$359,000 + SAVLong Established Pet Produce & Hardware Product Supply Business #139

ad release 29Mar2021a

This is One of the Greater Brisbane’s Longest Established Pet Produce & Hardware Product Supply Businesses, Being the Preferred ‘Go To’ Business for Nearly 6,000 Different Products and Thousands of Local and Surrounding Region Clients. This Business is Responsible for a Massive 60+ Years of Trading and it Being a Quarter of a Century for this Retiring Owner. This Business is an Immensely Enjoyable & Lifestyle Based Business, Hence… the 25 Years of Ownership to Date. This is a Positive Cashflow Business, and Has Long Tenure Staff Who Can Operate this Business on Behalf of this Owner (Has Done for A Year or So) …Sales Continue to Grow!

Being one of the longest established produce, pet and hardware, including water tank, fencing product supply businesses, means that only a very small local area marketing and advertising spend has been required to make its high annual sales amount (even more money is being made in 20/21, to date). This operation has needed so little…continue reading

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