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$339,000 WIWO[UNDER OFFER] Serviced Office/Virtual Office & Related Service Based Business #068

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This is a Brisbane Based, Serviced Office/Virtual Office & Related Service Based Business. Enjoying Long Term and Loyal Clients, From a Diversity of ‘Great Paying’ - Secure Industries. Having a Prime Position, This is an Envied Player. Owner Enjoys Many Different Income Streams, Which Provides a Relatively Passive & Consistent Income p.a.…The Many ‘High Profit Centres’ Can Be Easily Expanded!

Being established for a few decades, this type of business rarely hits the market, so best to read on and explore this relatively passive investment option… Having a prime location, great market positioning, and decades of trading as a serviced office business, this enterprise has continued to produce and maintained a very high occupancy rate,…continue reading

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$899,000 WIWO[SOLD – OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 27 BUSINESS DAYS] Profitable 3PL/Warehouse/Logistics & Distribution Company #089

Warehouse Worker Using a Hand Truck

Established 15 Years, this is a Profitable Brisbane Based 3PL/Warehouse/Logistics & Distribution Company. Call this a “Well Oiled” Profit Making Machine - Offering Predictable Net Income Returns, Year on Year…No Matter the State of the Economy. Online Purchases and the Need for 3rd Party Logistics Companies to Provide National Distribution Services, is Why the Sales Volumes are So High For this Investment! Includes a Long Term Contracted Warehouse Manager in Place. This Business ‘Picks & Chooses’ Only the Best Quality Clients, With the Majority Remaining Loyal for More Than Half a Decade! Internal Client Sales Growth Continues to Put More Money into This Owner’s Bank Account - Organically.

Established for 15 years, this 3PL Warehousing & Distribution Service is on trend, its diverse services being in high and growing demand. It offers clients throughout the nation long term proven processes and systems, enabling a high degree of accuracy and speed when unpacking, storing, picking, packing, and despatching a large number of diverse business…continue reading

$1,124,000 + SAV[UNDER OFFER – RECEIVED WITHIN 64 BUSINESS DAYS] Staff Managed Diverse Signage, Print & Stationery Product Supplier #029

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This is One of Brisbane’s Longest Established, Largest and Most Diverse Signage, Print & Stationery Product Suppliers. Being Highly Profitable and Staff Managed. With a Manager Under a Long-Term Contract and a Multi-Skilled Team on Staff. This Being One of the Most Diverse and Profitable Business’s You’ll See in Years. The Net Profit Increased in 18/19 and Includes a Massive Rate of Repeat Client Orders…There are Multiple, High Profit Growth Product Segments – Being Expanded Upon Now!

Established for more than the last two decades by this current owner, this is a definite market leader for the supply of signage, printed promotional material and stationery. Clients include government, schools, corporate clients, general businesses, and a high volume of annual sales being generated by national, ‘household name’ franchises (of whom have up to…continue reading

Business Sales Licence No. 3170776
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