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$2,950,000 + SAV[OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 10 BUSINESS DAYS] Fully Staffed, NSW General Medical Practice #106

Doctor listening to patient explaining her painful in his office

This Fully Staffed, NSW General Medical Practice Has a Non-Medical & Absent Investor Owner Receiving a Very High Net Income, Per Annum! This NSW Based Medical Practice Has One of the Most Enviable & Sought after Locations. With the Gross Billing Volumes Being in the Multi-Millions. This Being a Rare & Unique Practice, Not Comparable to Typical Practices. It is a Large, 9 Consult, 2 Treatment Room Investment. Having 12,000 Client Records on File! Offering any Medical or Non-Medical Owner, On-Going & Growing Patient Demand, Investor Income Consistency & the Potential for Massive Growth! …

Established for nearly a decade, this would have to be one of the most well-known of its kind, being surrounded and supported by a high-quality socio-economic area. An ageing population, providing more patients to treat and care for, annually. Clients and residents who surround this medical practice have the disposable incomes to invest in their…continue reading

$515,700+ SAV[SOLD – OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 11 BUSINESS DAYS] Market Leading Food & Beverage, Janitorial and Packaging Product Wholesalers/Distributors and Suppliers #095

ad relaunch 14Sep2020a

Established for Many Decades, this is One of the Largest, Market Leading Food & Beverage, Janitorial and Packaging Product Wholesalers/Distributors and Suppliers Dominating its Fast Growing Catchment Areas. Includes a High Number of Schools, Service Stations, Childcares, Food Service Clients. This Large, Multi-Million Dollar Sales Business Offers a Large Number of Exclusive, Main Brand Distribution Agreements, and Offers a Large Range of Products. Its Highly Efficient Software and Online Ordering Systems are Fully Integrated and Make for a Highly Profitable Investment, as Does its Hundreds of Diverse Industry Clientele. A Single Owner Could Attend this Business or Have it Fully Staff Managed!

Established for decades, but most impressive is that the clientele have largely remained for more than the last decade, thanks to this business providing a highly personalised and responsive, technology supported process for client and supplier ordering. This is one highly efficient business model, able to nearly double its sales just over 5 years! With…continue reading

$969,000 + SAV[OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 8 BUSINESS DAYS] Diverse Commercial Cleaning Service Business, High Sales Volume #061

Young Female Maid Cleaning Glass Desk With Feather Duster In Office

There is Management Staff in Place to Support this High Sales Volume, Diverse Client and Always In Demand Commercial Cleaning Service Business. This Being a Multi-Million Dollar Sales Business, Which Leads the Local Market and Offers Any New Owner the Ability to Become ‘Set For Life’ Financially! Making this One of the Very Best and Most Profitable Cleaning Investments You Will Ever Find… We Mean This. Providing Anyone of Any Background, an Extremely High Net Income Per Annum, Sales Just Continue To Grow, Just Wait Until You See this Net Income Amount…

Established long term, this commercial / business cleaning service has continued to show strong sales and net income yield growth, year on year, to date. This financial return has only been helped by COVID-19! This is the long-term preferred service provider for many major corporate and business clients, including many blue-chip companies. Being listed internally…continue reading

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