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Cold Rooms, Freezers, and Insulated Panelling, Established Supplier and Installer #206

$219,000 WIWO Ref: 1023754

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Established for The Last 22 Years by This Current Owner, This is Undoubtedly a Long-Term Income Provider for Any New Owner Who Enjoys Supplying Products Which Are Always in Constant Demand. This Being One of SE QLD’s Longest Established Suppliers and Installers of Cold Rooms, Freezers, and Insulated Panelling. Being the Preferred Long-Term Supplier to Commercial, Government and Business Clients (Remaining Loyal for Decades). It Gross and Net Profit Is High, Its Profitability Staggering In 21/22 – YTD. This Business Is Proud of Its Low Cost and Highly Effective Business Model Which Continues to Reign Supreme, Within the Southeast…

  • The first test of a great business investment is how long it has financially supported its owner. Well, if more than two decades is representative of a long time, then you have found one of the very best, operating within this ‘always in constant demand’, niche market segment.
  • This owner does not have nor does the new owner of this business need to have any specific trade-based knowledge, skills, or qualifications to profit big. There being no specific trade for those who supply and install cold rooms and freezers, including insulated panel based portable offices/dwellings (granny flats).
  • For any new owner, it would be beneficial if they are someone or a related industry business who would enjoy putting together insulated panels to form a cold room or freezer room, within a business or government client’s premise. This activity and product supply generates the primary base of income.
  • This well-known brand and investment simply supplies and installs the insulated panels, as a cold room/freezer or supplies panelling – stand alone for use by business clients. Plus, it has further income streams that it could further encourage and market. Providing both the business and residential markets with insulated panel granny flats/portable buildings (dongas). Can be for sale or hire…
  • There is quite simply more client demand than this business and owner wishes to respond to, due to plans for retirement from this industry. Put into perspective, the supply of cold rooms and freezers, including insulated panelling products to clients across a diversity of industries, including schools and government departments, which means that the demand within the greater SE QLD commercial/government and business markets, has remained constant for much of the last 22 years of trading.
  • There are always businesses relocating to different premises (end of leases) upsizing, downsizing, opening, and expanding, who all require new cold rooms/freezer rooms. It is the government departments which mainly take this business’s cold rooms and site them nationally.
  • This business’s products have remained in constant demand for decades, by offering clients a complimentary installation service of its products, which means it is a ‘one stop’ provider of high-quality products, which has kept clients coming back for decades. The return order or referral of new client rate from non-competitive and strategic industry referrers is a highlight of owning this ‘inbound and organic’ sales generating operation.
  • When it comes to supplying any industry client or government department with cold rooms and freezers, including engineers specifying the use of these insulated panels for design and effect, this long standing, respected and well renowned business and brand is the one they call. These insulated panels are commonly used as design features and ways to reduce a buildings carbon footprint, for mainly office buildings and architecturally designed commercial buildings.
  • The second element which makes for a wonderful business investment is that this owner has the luxury of only picking and choosing the very best and most profitable clients to supply. This is due to this owner deciding to retire many years ago. Although, when it comes to sales growth, the business and its clientele had other ideas…
  • Even due to efforts of this retiring owner to slow the organic and inbound based client ordering, new client referrals and orders continued to persist, to date. This owner even stopped actively advertising and marketing this business more than half a decade ago, and yet record profits are being posted in 21/22!
  • This is not a run-down business, quite the opposite in fact, it is just larger and has more client demand that this retiring owner wants to encourage. There is no motivation for active sales growth of this investment on into the future.
  • This owner is calling any new owner who wishes to take up this profitable business, one that keeps this business’s profit plump and rewarding.
  • One look at the current and previous financial years financial statements confirm that this business is low cost and is highly effective at generating income, without its owner focusing on generating it actively.
  • After more than two decades of trading and having since built a reputation for supplying high quality cold rooms, freezers, and insulated panels within the local SE QLD region (within a radius of ½ to an hour’s drive from greater Brisbane), this brand is renowned for its reliable product supply.
  • Even the government found many unique uses for this business’s cold rooms, locating them around the country.
  • The third stand out element of owning this business is the fact that it has remained preferred supplier to industry clientele who have continued to refer new clients and on-going work for the last 20 years!
  • Another product segment of this business, one that is waiting for a new owner to market and grow with much vigour (having received little to no attention for the last 6 years), is the portable/mini-home/donga – granny flat product supply, which are all made from insulated cold room panelling.
  • This large product range (all pre-designed and many in the total range, on offer) is ready to be one of the new owner’s next sales development initiatives. There being a growing need within the local SE QLD community for granny flats, due to a growing and ageing population base.
  • These granny flats, portable mini-homes, offices or dongas for staff to work or live in on site, are made from insulated cold room products, which means that these mini-buildings are environmentally supportive, lowering client’s energy costs. The insulated (cold room panels) keep the occupant/s cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
  • This owner is so devoted to the on-going trading success of this operation and brand, offering to remain on to support, fully train and introduce the new owner to the clientele. This is important to the owner, as there are high repeat business clients who have remained loyal over the long term. This owner will remain in support of the new owner for many months, to ensure their operational success.
  • A new owner can locate this business anywhere within the greater Brisbane region, as this owner utilises both a home-based office to complete emails/written quotes, liaise with clients over the phone and a 100m2 shed for the storage of stock and tools (can create cold room kits on site within this shed).
  • Any business client from any industry who requires a cold room or freezer to operate can become a client of this business, which is why this business has ample demand. Imagine for a moment how many businesses require a cold room to store its products?
  • It is now time for this owner to leave this industry, after providing a highly supportive transition for any new owner. There are ‘high barriers to entry’ into this type of business, which will be explained, and the very fact that this brand has stood the test of time and is now become available for transfer for the first time in 22 years, speaks volumes of its ability to provide a well-funded and highly supportive lifestyle for its owner.
  • Only inbound, recurring, high repeat and organic sales growth has ensured for decades. This being a primary and preferred supplier (registered internally within the school supplier system for example). This brand is well respected and renowned for the consistent quality it provides.
  • There is a plethora of new business development opportunities, sales and profits coming the way of any new owner of this business, but first it has to be secured.
  • A new owner or an existing industry company could tap into and generate even more sales, clients and subsequent profits…
  • All the new owner requires is the enthusiasm and plan to do so, followed up with some time and effort. This owner has achieved all that he set out to do, 22 years ago and is ready for a fortunate investor to be funded by this highly lucrative and niche industry.
  • This owner is now ready for life lived as a retiree, being many months after ensuring that the new owner knows what and how to supply and provide cold rooms/freezers and insulated panelling day to day.
  • It is not difficult to continue the success and yield the financial fruits of this unique investment for the next few decades, as this owner has done.

We recommend that you don’t delay in requesting the highly detailed business profile, as there is so much more than meets the eye when assessing this investment. This is a great source of funding, receiving inbound sales organically, without advertising budget or outbound activities. Also includes a high value of equipment to be transferred. All for $219,000 WIWO – transferring at a genuine value, due to this owner being motivated to become a retiree (after full and extensive training has been provided first).  Open to all genuine offers

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