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Commercial Refrigeration Service, Maintenance, Repair and Installation Provider #284

$2,500,000 + SAV Ref: 1024084

Given its High Net Income Achieved Year after Year, it Makes this Commercial Refrigeration Service, Maintenance, Repair and Installation Provider One of Greater Brisbane’s Most Profitable Investments to Own. Being within this Lucrative and “Always in Demand” Industry! Transferring Clients of the Highest Quality, Including a Long List of Schools, Hospitals, Government Departments, Multi-Site Brand Businesses and Major Establishments such as Taverns, Pubs, Clubs and Hotels etc. This Large Technician Team of Staff Carry Out the Day-to Day Site Visits and Client’s Refrigeration Jobs, Including Pre-Booked Servicing.

  • Established for many decades, pride in what this business and its team do, day to day, for its hundreds if not thousands of upper echelon and high-quality business, government, and commercial clientele, is only surpassed by its commitment to meet a mainly inbound, existing, and high repeat client’s refrigeration needs.
  • Backed by renowned product suppliers and warranty protections, this large fleet and refrigeration mechanic team include trade qualified and highly skilled personnel, who continue ensuring that this endeavour remains highly profitable, year after year.
  • This business’s existing client demand is so high it need not actively seek out new client jobs! Having such a long and well-established trading history within this profitable and “always relied” upon product and servicing sector, means that this type of business will always remain on speed dial for businesses, government departments, government funded organisations and establishments who rely upon fridge, freezer, and cold room-based storage of their products.
  • One major strategic key to success has always been to specialise within client markets that provide the most financial and commercial security, and reliable payment over the long term. This has been mastered to the nth degree…
  • As the Southeast continues to be fast growing and populating, there is ample potential to immediately add more technicians to the fold, there is business enough to satisfy another full-time tech being added immediately. If the current owner was not retiring from this business, industry expansion by hiring more staff would be the very next and immediate step towards growing these sales and profits.
  • Being within close proximity to the vast majority of all its quality and great paying business, commercial and government funded clientele, this business would be one of the most well operated and logistically efficient businesses (well executed use of its staff’s labour and skill base). With its financial and operational performance further bolstered by a highly customised management software and resultant operational systemisation, these combined elements have continued to allow this brand to flourish financially, posting many millions of dollars of sales to its top line!
  • The financial success of this business can be transferred and assured for the benefit of its new owner or even an existing industry business, one who is strategically aligned and ready to “lay claim” to this operation’s massive percentage of existing clientele and greater market share. All can be assumed immediately.
  • Its high-level profitability is astounding, due to its unique business model and stream-lined operation based upon time proven systems. This business is also poised for any existing air-conditioning or refrigeration company desiring an easier-than-normal expansion phase. This business able to make expansion even more financially rewarding.
  • This business’s great cashflow is based upon mainly inbound, high repeat and existing client job demand. Enough to keep any new owner or company more than financially content for decades to come – without doing anything differently!
  • This is certainly one investment to take note of, able to provide ample financial security. Even offers time and task flexibility for its owner, who enjoys the overseeing role of ownership the most. This already being an extremely well established and organically grown endeavour to date. This retiring owner having no motivation for further growth, at present.
  • A high value of plant and equipment is being transferred, which includes hundreds of thousands of dollars of value in vehicles, tooling, and general support equipment. It is most intriguing what makes up this highly profitable “value bundle”.
  • This business’s transfer will go down as being one of the most advantageous within the Southeast, this decade!
  • It is simply time for this business to shine even brighter within the local landscape and beyond, under new direction of another refrigeration/air-conditioning company or owner.

This a genuine transfer due to the retirement of this overseeing owner/investor. This massive value package being transferred, as with its high net income yield per annum, for just $2.5 Million + SAV ($30-35K – Orders as required for client jobs)  Open to all genuine offers

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