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Dental & Personal Appearance Enhancing Product Importer, Wholesaler/Distributor & Online Supplier #152

$1,980,000 + SAV Ref: 1023373

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This is One of Australia’s Largest, Market Leading Dental & Personal Appearance Enhancing Product Importer, National Wholesaler/Distributor & Online Supplier. There are So Few Competitors to this Major, Online Based Wholesaler, being a ‘One of a Kind’ and Highly Systemised. Enjoys High Sales & Net Profit Growth, Including Dominance within this Lucrative, Niche Market Segment. Posting Double Digit Growth for Many Years (Even Prior to and during COVID-19). Locate Anywhere in Australia and Boasting 9,000+ Clients. All Money is Receipted Upfront, Before Any Product is Dispatched…Providing the Ultimate Cashflow. This is a Staff Managed Investment!

  • After so many years of continued sales and net income growth, this owner is now transferring this ‘extremely rare’, staff managed, passive and online based investment. This is a large importer, national wholesaler/distributor of an always in demand (there exists a growing public demand) range of dental and personal appearance related products.
  • This business boasts exclusively branded and distributed products and supplying thousands of national business clients. This operation leverages a drop ship model delivering a large percentage of product orders direct to clients.  These products therefore, are not required to be even touched by this business’s staff or this single part time hour owner.
  • This is an extremely ‘smart’ way of operating a business, being the epitome of a time and effort leveraged, veritable ‘money making machine’. This is all thanks to an extremely large, customised, and high-quality product range, which no one in the market has been capable of rivalling, in nearly a decade!
  • With this highly effective drop-ship distribution base, it provides its loyal and high repeat purchasing business clients with commercial protections, in the way of own branded products (private labelling).
  • Business clients become representatives of this online supplier’s products, these products being own branded or private labelled with the clients’ own logo. Due to the high profit yield that this business’s wholesale clients receive, they become a veritable marketing machine for this online based operation.  The public demand continues to grow thanks to this dynamic marketing process.
  • Clients include dental practices/clinics, beauty and personal appearance related industry businesses.
  • This business can set up any new owner for financial success for many decades to come, regardless of their industry background or experience. No specialist dental skills are required to distribute these products. Full training will be provided upon transfer, to ensure the operation continues, successfully.
  • Without requiring a large input of time and effort by the owner, per week, big profits are being receipted. This business’s success was set in motion many years ago, due to utilising the very best that ‘modern technology’ has to offer. This importation and national distribution business has created a truly ‘technologically supported, highly systemised’ and high repeat ordering model.
  • There is significant scope for expansion including possibilities offshore…
  • This business has achieved its high level of ‘market share capture’ and national trading success, including boasting a very high passive inbound and online based business client re-ordering activity. These inbound client sales continue to expand organically.
  • This re-ordering is the central dynamic to this business, as, when more and more new wholesale clients are added organically, by way of web searches and existing client referrals. This naturally generates an even greater pool of mainly inbound, repeat ordering of products – it’s that simple! The more business clients, the higher the re-ordering volumes.
  • The rewards have been in the way of a massive return on investment, time freedoms and an excellent lifestyle. This owner doesn’t even need to invest a lot of time nor money in active marketing /advertising direct to the existing wholesale product ordering clients. This business offers an income that flows in like clock-work.
  • Remember that this business is a rare, import based, national product wholesaler, who is paid upfront by its business clients before any product is dispatched by suppliers or staff.
  • There are automated systems in place, and this ‘genius’ business model has the trained staff to manage this day-to-day operation on behalf of this owner.
  • With an extremely low time investment of approx. 5-10 hours per week, a new owner can oversee this online and staff managed business from the comfort and convenience of…anywhere (café, home, beach, or from just a smart phone). The required space to operate is small & predominantly used for the storage of consumable stock.
  • The consumable stock is fast moving and dispatched by staff inhouse. The remaining items are drop-shipped. An existing and related industry product wholesaler could instantly bolt this market leading online operation onto its existing business –  generating instantly, high profits and an online national dominance!
  • This business has discovered the art of combining the ultimate elements that any business owner dreams of having. This is being primarily an online product distributor, generating higher profit margins via importation, encouraging long term client loyalty by way of ‘own’ product branding, and having one of Australia’s largest and most diverse wholesaled product ranges for its business clients to choose from. Again, thousands of clients pay upfront, and return often – for many years.
  • This business provides highly competitive pricing, and still make a high net profit per annum. This combination makes it a formidable online, highly ranked leader who supplies only Australian Standard and Compliant products, so any new owner can be confident.
  • A new owner will be delighted at the nature of this passive income stream without demands on the new owner’s time and efforts. Money is simply earned reliably and consistently.
  • This is a ‘diamond’ quality business, found amongst the rough. This is actually an under-marketed business, being so plump with ample potential for a new owner to tap into, immediately.
  • Here, there will be a transfer of a high percentage of national market share within this niche industry segment. Any new owner can stand proud of what this business represents within the Australian market.

More is offered here than what most businesses could ever provide an investor…all being for only $1.98 Million + SAV $30K (approx.) Fast moving, mainly drop-shipped products orders, dispatched by long term, reliable and trusted suppliers).

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