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Established, Corporate/Business Outdoor Garden Maintenance Service #102

$589,000 WIWO Ref: 1023293

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This is One of Brisbane’s Longest Established (32 Years), Corporate/Business Outdoor Garden Maintenance Service. Providing Large, Quasi-Government, Notary, Multi-Nationals, Corporate Office Building, Motels, Shopping Centres, Business Premise Clients, with a High Quality, ‘Value for Money’ Based Service. These Great Paying Clients are Provided Regular “Set & Forget” Services Which Will Always Be Required. Providing the Ultimately Predictable, High Net Profit (Year in, Year out). This Owner Has Made Millions in Net Income Over the Years… You Should See How Much Money this Business Makes. Requires its Owner Part-time Hours Only (1-3 days) as Oversees the Staff Who Complete All the Regular Client Jobs.

  • Established for the last 32 years, this owner is now retiring, having made millions from owning this part-time, flexible hour business. One this is for sure, this type of business is owned and kept over the long term and rarely hit the market. This one in fact, has been 12 years in the waiting! The previous and original owner (only ever 2 owners) enjoying the spoils of this business for 20 years, prior. Yes, making this one of the best of its kind to own within the greater Brisbane region.
  • The reasons that this business is so beneficial to any new owner, are as follows;
  • The net income is extremely high for the types of simple services provided. The client corporate garden maintenance jobs are being completed by staff (not owner), and these services being always be required by government, corporate and business clients. This is a corporate, commercial building based, outdoor garden maintenance company. Never having specialised in the residential market.
  • The majority of clients being serviced are within a 5-10 minutes’ drive of the Brisbane CBD. The cost of operating this business is extremely low, making the profit landing in the bank each and every month, not only predictable, but recurring. This business offers any new owner, needing no prior industry skill, background or knowledge with an extremely large profit for services rendered – by staff!
  • This owner does not have a landscaping or gardening background, nor any accreditations/certificates or qualifications. A new owner need not have any of these to continue profiting and succeeding as owner of this rare and extremely profitable, part-time hour only investment.
  • The long-term loyalty of this business’s high-quality clientele is something to admire…many having been serviced for longer than this owner’s 12 years of ownership. This is a dynamically simple business, which certainly remains ‘under the radar’, able to simply submit a monthly invoice and clients just pay – no fuss. As, this is a “set and forget” service many clients require these services to be outsourced and completed, so that their workplace, health and safety requirements and audits can be passed effectively.
  • “I don’t like getting dirty,” the owner said (but owns a gardening maintenance business…hmmm). Therefore, remains in a support role, liaising with suppliers, completing inbound only new client quote requests, supervising, and checking on staff and client gardens as required, being mainly from the comfort of his ute etc. he loves the fact that he can choose what he does for the few days he works, per week, and can remain mobile.
  • This owner has chosen not to pursue new clients, nor actively grow or devote time to expanding this operation over recent years. This is mainly due to his priority being the savouring his wonderfully free and flexible time based lifestyle. He has come to remain extremely comfortable with the fine work – life balance offered by this business – the massive profit also sweetens the scenario.
  • This owner is not required to enact the day to day corporate garden maintenance services of this business, and only required to invest a few days per week. Many tasks being optional, and not even necessary. Being done by choice, as he enjoys driving around in his ute…
  • When a business offers this much lifestyle pleasure, combined with a massively high net income return, each and every year of its trading, then you can understand why motivation to grow this operation, after more than a decade of ownership, can be non-existent and naturally wane. Enough money is already being earned! Owner comfort just naturally sets in.
  • Having been financially set up for life, this owner has just this business and its clients and staff to thank.
  • Client’s services include maintain the gardens of corporate office buildings, hospitals, schools, shopping centres, business premises etc. They all require the greenery that surrounds their buildings to remain green, looking and presenting well. Clients be it small through to large, do not have the time to tend to their own gardens, opting to outsource to specialist companies, such as this one.
  • When this amount of money and profit is being earned predictably per month, and the income of this business not being dependent upon this owner’s time or job completion, simply puts a different shine on one’s business life and its freedoms…
  • Just wait until you receive this business’s tax figures. Your fears, concerns and worries will all be laid to rest! Why not have a business and its staff support you and your family, able to quickly set you up financially for decades to come (as it has for the 2 previous owners!).

This all being without active marketing or the pursuance of new client business. Imagine what could be done if a new owner was enthusiastic towards gaining new clients and building these already profitable sales… This high gross and net profit income reward, for each and every dollar of sales is truly breathtaking! A genuine owner retiring from the industry, so this high net yield investment is being transferred for just $589K WIWO

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