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[OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 4 MONTHS] Extremely High Net Income, Staff Managed and Fully Licensed, Seaside Ala Carte Restaurant #226

$895,000 + SAV Ref: 1023891

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This is an Extremely High Net Income Business $536,359.06 (21/22) & Gross Profit (67.31%) Staff Managed and Fully Licensed, Seaside Ala Carte Restaurant. Offering its Patrons Enviable Ocean View from its 110 Seats. This is a ‘One of Kind’ and Extremely Unique Restaurant - ‘Only One Like it’ in Town. Includes a High Volume of Consistent Dine-in Bookings, Take Away, Online Orders & Deliveries. Regularly Fully Booked throughout the Year for Up to 3 Dinner Sittings, Per Day! (Also Open for Lunch)...This Only Now Available for Transfer After 15 Years!

  • Established for the last 15 years by its current owner this is a “stand out” fully staff managed and licensed ala carte, staff managed restaurant and cashflow positive investment, offering any new owner, no matter their industry background, the ultimate northern NSW lifestyle and the on-going income to enjoy it. Envied the country over due to an optional time investment of 10-15 hours per week by the current owners, the time spent absent equals more time per week than being present at the business. The main purpose for having a small amount of owner presence is due to pure enjoyment of liaising with the business manager, head chef and the greater body of staff who support the day-to-day operating of the business on behalf of the owner.
  • Sales grew organically by 92% approx. in (21/22) with nothing being done differently. Sales levels also maintaining throughout COVID-19 trading years, due to a massive increase in online / web-based food and beverage orders and takeaway food ordering.
  • This is no ordinary investment, offering one of the best and most prime positions that any restaurant could ever hope to offer its clientele, within this famous and fast populating town. The rich and famous frequent this restaurant and it is commonplace to see those who are TV and movie stars dining within.
  • The staff and management team are long-term and loyal, treating the business as their own, which reflects the high quality, inner culture and operational success of this particularly unique Highly systemised, the owner can access all financial and operational data remotely real-time, via the cloud based software.
  • This restaurant offers what no one else does, keeping the “bar high” and the barrier to entry even higher. There having been no rival to this operation in 15 years! Being conveniently located within the “heart of town” and offering ample surround parking, and even this brand being referred to by locals as “the heart of the town” for more than the last decade and a half.
  • This also being one of the fastest growing locations in Australia, offering any new owner / investor one of Australia’s highest quality socio-economic areas, a vastly wealthy area where patrons enjoy being provided for by this “well known and frequented” licensed restaurant. Open from 11 am, there are more sales to convert if a new owner wanted to respond to the constant local client requests to open for breakfast.
  • By providing a consistency of customer servicing, a high food quality, and popular menu options has simply continued to make this a popular destination for clients of any age or background.
  • Having a client database of more than 8,480 means that marketing and proactive campaigning for more clientele (online or otherwise), is made even easier for a new owner. This owner has not needed to actively market or promote for many years, already luxuriating in the consistent sales and money being receipted upfront throughout the year. Sales volumes simply billow every holiday period and during the warmer months of the year, which these days just happens to be nearly all year round.
  • Its high quality and consistent meal and beverage options allows all to bask in options attractive and sought after by anyone and everyone within the local community! The staff’s personalised servicing of clientele just makes the experience even more enjoyable for all.
  • The owner has enjoyed 15 years of this ideal lifestyle and has made ample money from owning this staff managed business investment. This is a one-of-a-kind and unique in-all-the-town investment, which is now being transferred for change sake only.
  • With such a highly rewarding net income return, being in exchange for such a low time input per week, it is little wonder that it provides such an enjoyable lifestyle for any new owner/investor.
  • Who wouldn’t want to live within one of Australia’s most idyllic and sought-after locations, while your lifestyle is being fully funded, whether you are present in the business or not! Earn this massive amount of money thanks to owning one of the very best restaurants within this famous region. Secure this once-in-a-lifetime option before someone does!

All being for $895K + SAV ($30-40K approx.) Open to all genuine offers

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