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Fast Growing, Importer and Wholesaler/Distributor of Alcohol Products #181

$3,495,000 + SAV Ref: 1023757

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This is a Fast Growing, Direct Importer and National Wholesaler/Distributor of a Wide Range of ‘Always in Demand’ Alcohol Products. It has Posted a Sales Growth of 23+% in 20/21 with Sales Still Growing…The Net Income Return Growing Equally as High! This is One of the Best Market Positioned, High Gross Margin and Higher than Industry Average Net Income Generator (for its Mega Millions in Sales, per annum). Offering One of the Most Diverse Ranges of Beers, Spirits, Wines, Ciders and Liqueurs into the Independent Liquor industry. Includes Exclusive Distribution Contracts & Many Own Brand Products. Includes Multiple Managers, Distributors/Resellers & Agents Across the Nation!

  • This is one of the most unique, long established and fast-growing direct importers, national wholesalers/distributors, and suppliers of a large range of well-known, mainstream brands, including top selling, exclusively owned and branded / trademarked product range. There being a very even split in sales across mainstream brands and its ‘own’ distributed products. This is what generates its higher than industry average profit margins and extremely high and growing net income yield (net income was nearly 24% higher than the previous year!)
  • When a business’s sales volumes and client product orders quadruple in size, organically, over a relatively short period of trading (being prior to the COVID-19 period), this simply means that something is very, very right about this unique and dominant investment.
  • The national advertising budget was reduced to $17-20K+ in 20/21 relative to its mega millions of sales on its top line!
  • This business gets to choose the clients, distributors, and resellers its suppliers throughout the country, all being great paying business clients over the long term. The wholesale client loyalty to this national alcohol product distributor is mind blowing. There being more products ordered by clients than this owner wants to supply!
  • Brisbane based, this would have to be ‘hands down’ one of the most diverse, highest barrier to entry operations, due to its arsenal of distribution agreements, own brand and exclusively supplied product range, including providing popular mainstream brands into the national market.
  • With hundreds upon hundreds of long term wholesale business clients purchasing often and remaining staunch loyalists to this supplier over many years (even the last decade or more), there is so much on offer to a new owner or existing liquor industry business, being able to ‘profit big’ here.
  • This business’s large national network of independent liquor outlets, distributors, wholesalers and resellers want the edge over their competitors, and this is what this business does for them. They want to continually return and purchase what isn’t represented in major competitor’s bottleshops. This means that this business’s large range of unique, exclusive and own branded products “sell quickly and are always in demand”. These products providing much higher profit margins than the equally high-volume mainstream products distributed.
  • When it comes to product range, national market positioning and differentiation, this business “has it in spades”. Able to offer any business in the country with their alcohol needs. There also being the long term support of nationally located distributors (which are also fast growing), product sales agents, resellers and a thriving number of independent liquor stores/bottle shops as long term and great paying clients etc.
  • This business offers ample commercial protection for a new owner or existing industry business (located anywhere in Australia).
  • This strategic acquisition for any existing liquor or associated liquor industry player is quite literally ‘mind blowing’, as this enterprise can offer mega millions in instant sales volumes, buying power and a high net income return, being in the millions of dollars, per annum.
  • Due to the owner’s personal situation this business continues to grow organically via reputation, referral, a unique and exclusive product range on offer, including a massive surge in alcohol consumption in Australia, ever since COVID-19, and for this business, even prior!
  • This business’s product and brand popularity has created a dynamic, high and growing sales volume and extremely rewarding net income yield per annum. Clients have since increased their average invoice amount, and new clients continue to be added.
  • The value and commercial protections that these high volumes of ‘own brand’ products provide should not be underestimated. This has only inspired long term loyalty and serves to shut competitors out. By offering wholesale clients around the country fast supply and a highly personalised servicing, as with products that consistently sell well, just makes this a highly valuable business investment.
  • The sales continue to grow, as does the profits being made.
  • This business also has multiple distribution centres and a solid network of distributors positioned around the country, facilitating and supporting a new owner in distributing a greater product volume, nationally.

This investment is a highly advantageous “bolt on” for any existing alcohol industry business. This includes multiple managers on team who support this owner’s flexible hour lifestyle. $3.495 Mil + SAV ($1Mil-1.3Mil of Fast Moving Stock) Open to all genuine offers

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