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Flexible Hour, Niche Glass Window and Door Products #276

$239,000 + SAV Ref: 1024071

This Decades Long Provider of Niche Glass Window and Door Products Offers an Opportune Lifestyle, Many Ownership Benefits, ‘High Barrier to Entry’ and a Flexible Hour Input for its Owner. All Due to the Long-Term Office Manager and Support Team in Place. Includes a High Gross Profit Margin – 73.84% (approx.) & Net Income, for Being a Market Leading, Niche & Unique Supplier. A Good Percentage of Sales are Supply of Glass Panels Only! Clients Include Medical, Pharmacy, Schools, Childcares, Disability/Aged Care Facilities and Government Dept’s and Many More. Includes Ample Sales & Profit Growth Potential, as Existing Client’s Inbound Orders Arrive Continually from High Repeat Commercial & Quasi-Gov’t Clientele…

  • This is one of the south east’s longest established providers of its niche market and always in demand glass windows and door products. This is one of this unique market segment’s leaders, with industry glaziers even regularly referring their clients to this product provider and trusted brand name.
  • This well-known and respected enterprise has remained one of only a few of its kind within the greater local region, satisfying a highly lucrative and well-paid niche market segment within the mainstream glazier industry.
  • This business will always remain relevant and in key demand, by a large number of existing clients who raise purchase orders as regularly as clockwork.
  • This business boasts a massive inbound purchase order fulfillment rate, having long standing clients of the highest calibre. Including many commercial clients, window companies, general businesses, aged care/disability clients etc. Clients who are in continual need of and regularly submit high value & volume orders, for their facilities and government departments and commercial, corporate and business operations.
  • Includes providing glass windows and doors for pharmacies, schools, childcares, liquor stores, body corporates, service stations, car dealerships, hotels, shopping centres and even supplies other window companies.
  • For decades, this business has remained the ‘go to’ provider of these specialty products, required by commercial, business and quasi-government funded organisations etc. There quite literally being no direct competitors that this owner knew of, who could rival this business’s product offering.
  • Protected commercially during its many decades of trading, due to what it can supply its clientele, this fact alone makes this business ‘no ordinary glass window and door provider’. It has always remained differentiated from its mainstream glazier industry competitors and is proud of it!
  • Includes an additional ‘passive income stream’ by outsourcing client jobs to trusted industry providers and still achieves a robust profit margin of 40-45% (approx.), by sending an order, via email!
  • By posting consistently high profit margins year on year, there will always be a need for this business’s unique type of glass doors and windows. It remains price and value competitive, even though there are so few players within the SE QLD glazier industry (doors and window product suppliers) who can equal or even come close to rivalling this brand’s offering.
  • With a high number of quality, great paying and high repeat ordering clientele, these existing clients allow this business to invest barely $5,000 per annum in advertising/marketing, being mainly Goggle AdWords for its niche segment. Nothing has ever been sent direct to its existing base of clients to encourage or target re-ordering activity. They already trust and resort to this business, never needed to encourage or cultivate their ordering internally.
  • The majority of all client orders have arrived inbound, by way of referral or organically arrived by default.
  • This market leading position has been maintained and proven over its many decades of trading. Able to offer high gross profit margins and a very pleasing return on investment. Why not occupy your own niche market segment, this being most business owner’s dream; do less, enjoy high value, repeat client ordering, and make great profit margins on the products supplied – flexible owner hours, 5 days only! This is one smart business.
  • The higher the gross profit margin, the more financial reward available to enrich a new owner’s bank account. If growth strategies, targeted marketing and attracting new and same lucrative industry clients were to be actioned and enthusiastically administered, this would be a bonus, on top of what is already being posted to the top and bottom lines of this business’s profit and loss statement (available upon request, as with the highly detailed business profile).
  • Having these products always in demand by existing and new clients lends itself to ensuring that the new owner or an existing industry related business becomes financially and commercially secure over the long term. This is a ‘stand-out’ investment, just wait until you read all about it. We can’t emphasise this enough…
  • This business hasn’t been available for transfer since its inception, having been operating for many decades!
  • This brand and product type provides higher average dollar invoice amounts, making for a wonderful ‘bolt-on’ opportunity for any existing operation related to the glazier, window, and door product supply industry.
  • Last, but not least is the positive cashflow being generated by this business’s financially supportive and strict client credit policy. This results in ample deposits or upfront payments being receipted before products are supplied or client jobs being finalised.
  • This owner now knows that this business must be relinquished in preparation for the next stage of life, being retirement. But, all has already been safely set in motion, providing a wonderful legacy for any new owner or company to simply take charge of and continue to grow from here.
  • This equitable value reflects the motivation of a genuine owner, wishing to transfer this long term and niche market leading operation, which leaves ample profits and financial and operational security for the new owner to enjoy and profit from. 

All being for just $239K + SAV ($20K – $25K approx. very fast-moving stock, as ample glass panes arrive pre-cut, according to client’s order specifications). Simple!  Open to all genuine offers

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