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Floor Covering Product Suppliers, Profiting Big #092

$1,150,000 + SAV Ref: 1023212

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Established for 35 Years, this is One of the Most Financially Rewarding Floor Covering Product Suppliers, Profiting Big Within the Local SE QLD Region. Preferred Supplier to Large Government Departments, Commercial/ Business and Residential Clientele (Enjoying a Diversity of Both Clients and Sales). Having Supply Contracts, and a High Repeat, Inbound Based Client Ordering Activity, Being So Constant, it’s Breathtaking. This Consistently High Net Income is Earned Year on Year & Will Take Your Breathe Away! Open Only 5 Days!

  • Being established for 35 years, this current owner of 17 years is now ready for retirement, having been financially set up for life, by owning this positive cashflow, constantly in demand and inbound order-based floor product supply operation. Not only does this business share in the spoils of a national buying group membership, it is the internally registered as a preferred supplier to schools, major and multiple government departments, the aged care industry, and a long list of defiantly loyal and long term business/commercial clients. All of whom require new floor products to be supplied, on an on-going basis (offering an extremely diverse and value for money product range).
  • This business to business, and business to government product supplier, including to end users, certainly generates the money. The consistently monthly sales (even whilst COVID-19), is relatively even throughout the year, due to benefiting directly from the cumulative effect of a 3 ½ decade trading history, having supplied tens of thousands of clients who constantly refer new clients and return to this supplier. General wear and tear, insurance companies responding to damage, COVID-19 encouraged home improvements, refurbishments, renovations, as with new dwellings still being built and commercial premises being refurbed, upgraded, and added to the CBD landscape and beyond has continued to aid in simply continuing the successful legacy of this extremely solid, financially secure and rewarding business.
  • Supplying clients with what they want and need often, is what this business specialises in. The repeat transaction rate among the long term commercial and government clientele is astounding. When a business claims the position of main preferred supplier among large and notary clients, who all have the money to spend on these flooring products, means that it keeps competitors at bay – and proudly so!
  • Why not be set up financially for life, as this owner has been, all thanks to owning this business (only open 5 days). Being a business owner with such a highly supportive supply chain, and staff who support on-going income generation (sales team etc.), you can make this high net income and rest extremely well at night, every night. The financial stability that this business offers makes this a “champion” business, to say the least!
  • This is an inbound based client ordering operation, having proven operational systems which are executed to allow the sales team to do what they do best (receive their product orders from motivated purchasers).
  • This business can also lay claim to providing a positive cashflow. By having such a diverse clientele and highly supportive payment policy, allows your ‘money in the bank’ to be nothing but secure.
  • A new owner needs no prior skills, knowledge, or industry experience in which to keep receiving and banking these fine proceeds. This business enacts mainly a sales/marketing function, so its long term and experienced team can simply supply the flooring products being ordered by a vast array of clients. Nor is anyone in-house required to install any products.

It could take decades to amass this high profit base, but here, you can achieve it within only one financial year! A wonderfully secure and diverse investment, even during turbulent times $1.15 Million + SAV (small and fast moving stock holding)  Owner Open to Offers

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