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[UNDER CONTRACT – OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 32 BUSINESS DAYS] Foam, Rubber & Associated Product Supplier & Outlet #097

$469,000 + SAV Ref: 1023228

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Staff Managed, Gold Coast Foam, Rubber & Associated Product Supplier & Outlet. Very High Gross Profit Margin and A High Rate of New & Repeat Purchasing Clientele. Active Marketing and Advertising Not Required For the Last Decade+! – Sales Are Primarily Organically Generated. The Online Store’s Growth Potential is Staggering, as with the Diversity of Clientele and Product Range. Having a Lack of Direct Competition, And Already Being Highly Profitable Under Full Staff Management…

  • This long established, 20-year trading foam and rubber & associated product supplier has an outlet and online store.
  • Imagine not having to actively market and advertise your business, but a high volume of sales and profits continue to plump up your bank balance – consistently.
  • This is not a seasonal business, it is a unique staff managed investment, having so few competitors within the high growth region of the Gold Coast. This business is the preferred supplier to thousands of clients, including corporate clients, government, childcare/kindergartens, businesses, tradespeople, and end users. Foam and rubber products will always be required within our society for hundreds of reasons.
  • The massive growth within the caravan/camping sector has realised an even greater net worth for this operation. The baby boomers and those looking to upgrade their assets are currently pouring into this business, all with a want, need and desire to purchase products from this large range on offer.
  • This would be one of the Gold Coast’s most popular foam & rubber supplier, enjoying an extremely high rate of repeat purchasing (70-80%-approx. of its entire business sales is generated from repeat and return client orders). The balance of new clients arrive by way of referrals, organic word of mouth and searching key words online.
  • This investment offers what most can’t and its product delivery being faster than others within the market. Its prices are simply the hardest to beat, given its ultimate freedom and flexibilities enjoyed by this absent owner! It uses its many distinctive differences to its ultimate advantage!
  • With this type of recurring market share and hold on a growing market share, within one of Australia’s fastest growing and populating regions. Let’s discuss true time freedoms and flexibilities. With the owner able to remain in the comfort of a home based office, investing only a few hours per week; checking sales and financial activities, bookkeeping etc. (which are all accessed via the cloud). The owner is not required at the business, maintaining a few hours of input, due to having a long term manager and trained team on staff. All of whom are passionate and knowledgeable.
  • With this investment’s overall offering, it is hard to beat such a passive investment and one that enjoys a constant flow of inbound client demand and purchasing activity – all year round! Sales are only increasing due to the increase in intrastate travel and caravan and camping activities being enjoyed by those within our community.
  • Having such high gross profit margins and a positive, paid upfront cashflow, it is easy to understand why this option is so attractive to anyone, or any background or skill base.
  • A staff managed net income is being generated, with any new owner “laughing all the way to the bank”, or these days, “laughing to your home-based computer’s bank website”. Why not own a business that does not require you to be present, or for your time input to have direct effect on its trading success and profit outcomes.
  • This unique business has more on offer than most business investments. Just wait until you uncover the extent of the competitive advantages that will make any prospective business owner “blush”. COVID-19 has only increased sales for this type of product and related servicing.
  • It is rare to find a business that has so few competitors. Especially in the idyllic Gold Coast region, being such a large and growing market base to operate within.
  • It is easy to see why this business’s profits are as high as they are and why it enjoys an ever-flowing, high volume of client orders and transactions.
  • This is a fun way for a new, non-skilled owner/investor to have a Gold Coast business funding a ‘free time’ lifestyle, able to focus primarily on growing and marketing this under marketed brand. It is in the luxurious position of remaining relevant to so many and profitable, even if no marketing is done!
  • No machinery to break down or maintain.
  • Australian made products.

Lap up the collective benefits of this Gold Coast business lifestyle (a new owner can be absent and operate from a remotely located, home base). The highly detailed profile is only an email away, so request it now. Available for transfer, for only $469K + SAV ($30-35K approx.)

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