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[UNDER OFFER] Fully Staff Managed, Commercial Kitchen & Catering Equipment Product & Service Provider #020

$189,000 WIWO Ref: 1023144


This is a Fully Staff Managed, Commercial Kitchen & Catering Equipment Product & Service Provider. Its Multi-Decade Trading History Bringing in 90-99% Inbound & Consistent Client Job Orders. Includes a Good Percentage of Paid Upfront Income! Is the Exclusive & Preferred Supplier to Many Aged Care/Nursing Homes, Schools, Hospitals & Hospitality Business Clients & Government etc…Net Income $198,717.32 (9mths ) Owner Operated, $143,542.46 (9mths) Staff Managed

  • Established for the last 5+ decades, this is a well renowned and trusted product provider, installer and repairer of a large range of commercial kitchen & catering equipment. Recommended repair and spare parts agent for over 20 major brands! Enjoying exclusive and preferred supplier status among its specialist aged care/nursing home and hospitality business client markets (to name just a few).
  • This investment generating a passive based income, as staff and management operate this business for this owner (who has other business interests, not related to this industry). With so few hours needing to be invested, this “good old fashioned service” and highly responsive job scheduling has kept it in good stead for decades, among thousands of its business/govt clients (database of 5000+).
  • Providing services and products, including installation to a diversity of different industry clients, throughout the greater Brisbane region.
  • The total marketing spend for 18/19 was only $3,537.25, being mainly for a yellow pages listing. No other active marketing or advertising has been done, nor needed to be done for that matter.
  • This is one of the most consistently sought after operations. Not being the cheapest, nor the most expensive, its merits are in its service and quality provided. Exclusive client agreements, preferred supplier status to oh so many notary and very large clients, including government funded and to the government itself, is just part of this business’s overall offering.
  • The gross profit is a high 82.03%, providing a very high 15.56 cents net income return for every dollar of sales posted! (Most businesses achieve 10-13 cents in every dollar of sales, as net profit, by comparison.)
  • There is much more in the way of marketing and simply advertising to its large, existing and extremely loyal business client base, for example, sending regular communications or expanding upon the regular scheduled service/maintenance visits, for its major clients for example. Use the free time that this business provides to catapult this into an increased level of output. Actively target the industries that make this business hundreds of thousands of regular income year in year out.
  • There is an undeniable fact about this business and that is that its services and products will always be required, (as long as there is commercial kitchen equipment being used by businesses, facilities, schools/unis, hospitals, prisons and general businesses).
  • This fully managed investment is not only profitable, having been for so many years, it offers any existing industry business with one of the most lucrative and highly advantageous “bolt on” acquisitions. Due to being easily assumed into an existing operation and providing instant access to a client database of 5,000+ and that all important, regular and even predictable cashflow base. A great percentage of money is being receipted upfront, or within only 7 days!

This investment hasn’t been available for the last decade and a half, so don’t “dilly dally”, if you want to earn this stable and solid net income, in exchange for doing so little! Leave it to this long term manager and team of well trained staff to make the money for you…$189K WIWO (Including $175,500 Stock).  Owner Open to Offer

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