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High Profit, Boutique Landscape Product Distributor, Direct Supply Business #038

$129,000 + SAV Ref: 1023207

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This is a High Profit & Lifestyle Supportive, Boutique Landscape Product Distributor, Direct Supply Business. Having Both a High Repeat, And Growing Business/Trade and Residential Clientele. The Vast Majority of Sales are Received From Returning Clients and Organically Generated by a High Google Ranking For Its Website, Online. Provides the Financial Comfort of Receiving Mainly Cash Upfront Payments…This Being a Cashflow Positive Investment!

  • After 30 years of operating, this is one of the longest established of its kind, conveniently located within this local and fast populating region of Brisbane. Providing a large range of core, landscape supplies, garden, and trade related products i.e. soil, sand, gravel, rocks, mulch etc. There being a large geographic and client catchment area which surrounds this business, having achieved relatively consistent sales over the last 3 financial years, without needing to invest in active marketing or advertising. Again, after 30 years of trading, a fast-growing population that surrounds this boutique sized business, as with ample nearby development, requires the supply of this business’s product range…and regularly.
  • This business is frequented by mainly existing and a high rate of return clients.
  • Lifestyle is what this near decade trading owner enjoys the most, the laid-back lifestyle, not having to be actively seeking out new clients or sales, just relating to clients.
  • New client sales simple comes to this business, as it has been positioned conveniently within this local region and on this main road for many decades.
  • There having only ever been 3 owners over the last 30 years, confirming just how good this business is to own.
  • With delivery trucks included, as with staff support, and the opportunity to purchase the freehold site for $595K, this business offers many commercial and financial comforts.
  • There being a high number of account clients, many of whom pay within a few days of being supplied, as with the vast majority of clients paying upfront before products leave the landscape supplies yard.
  • Enjoy building this already successful and profitable business base, as there are hundreds of clients in which to market to (which hasn’t needed to be done for nearly a decade), but could be, if a new owner was so motivated and enthused about growing sales and pocketing even more money.
  • When you realise this business’s location, you’ll understand why it all fits together so well – able to be one unique and boutique investment, which offers any new owner (no matter skill, background, or knowledge – as all will be trained) with a business that can stands on its own – without needing to be actively promoted in order to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars of sales per annum, consistently.
  • This 30-year longevity of trading has generated it a reputation for providing the quality products that clients want to return to purchase…and regularly.

This business being transferred at a bargain amount, relative to the profit it generates its owner, due to the owner’s personal situation. All for just $129K + SAV $20-30K, (fast moving stock) – First in…Owner Open to Offers

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