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[SOLD – UNDER CONTRACT WITHIN 47 BUSINESS DAYS] Highly Profitable Wholesaler and Direct to Trade/Business Product Supplier #010

$559,000 + SAV Ref: 1022934

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Available For Transfer For the Very First Time in 11 Years - This is a Highly Profitable, 5 Day Only Wholesaler and Direct to Trade/Business Product Supplier. This is a Specialist Supplier, Offering a Large & Core Product Range, Within This ‘Always in Demand’ Industry. Sales & Profits Just Continue to Grow! Not Requiring Active Marketing/Advertising to Earn This Very High Net Income. It’s Operational Strategy Has Maintained its Large & Growing Market Share Over the Long Term, Along With the Loyalty of Hundreds of High Repeat Product Purchasers.

  • Established by this current owner for more than the last decade, this is a wonderful ‘air-conditioning product’ based wholesaler & direct to trade / business supplier. Providing sales and profit growth whether you are a single owner, who has no prior industry experience, an existing company bolting this on, for the acquiring of additional and instant client market share and profitability. This is one of those businesses that has chosen a unique operational strategy, enabling this owner to earn a lot of money, providing a high overall return on your investment. He retains the ‘lion share’ of it – being a high bottom line profit. This provides an extremely comfortable and flexible time lifestyle.
  • This business sources nearly 100% of its stocked lines, being what nearly every member of the air-conditioning industry needs, day to day. And prides itself on being able to provide clients with all the products they need, when they need them. The majority of this business’s products are required by nearly every air conditioning industry wholesaler, business, or trades person. Its ever-growing reputation for providing high quality products at competitive prices is what sets it apart, being among many other combined elements. This brand has remained one of the air-conditioning industries most trusted suppliers.
  • Any new owner can step in and begin to profit from day one, not requiring any prior knowledge or industry background.
  • This independent business is just that, free to make profit and makes its own decision, not being beholden to anyone. No fees to be paid to anyone, for such a high sales growth etc.
  • This business offers what most other suppliers can’t, due to its internal systems, supply chain and operating structure. Due the high purchasing volumes, this business can offer its clients ample value for money – they in turn, remaining long term and loyal.
  • Many majors and large wholesale clients purchase by the pallet (a high number of pallets). This business’s repeat purchasing activity, and inbound referrals have simply increased sales and profits in 18/19, without requiring any advertising or marketing. Sales and profits continue to grow naturally, as a direct result of supplying and satisfying the needs of more and more industry clients.
  • This is a very positive cashflow business, having a large number of trade / business clients even paying upfront for products.
  • Clients pick up or have their orders couriered.
  • There is a commercial strength and power in the simplicity of this organisation. Standing tall and able to hold its own. When you read the detailed business profile, you’ll understand why it continues to command the loyalty of so many high quality and great paying industry clients. It has so many advantages not commonly found within a typical business. The longevity of the client loyalty only supports this business’s calling; being one of the main suppliers of whom so many can be supplied by. They are appreciative of all that is offered by this business. Now, it is a new owners turn to profit big, with this A1 investment, as it gives oh so much back to its owner!…

All this for only $559K + SAV ($550K approx.)

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