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Highly Systemised, Flexible Part-Time ‘Gift Hamper’ Distribution & Online Supply Business #248

$289,800 + SAV Ref: 1023881

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This is a Highly Systemised, Fully Software Integrated, Flexible Part-Time ‘Gift Hamper’ Distribution & Online Supply Business. Specialising in High-Volume, Repeat Ordering Business & Corporate Clients. Plus, Receive Paid Upfront, Passive Online Income from Clients Gifting Others Anywhere in the Nation. This Online and Inbound Based Sales & Distribution Business Offers a Flexible, Part-Time Hour Lifestyle (Home or Premise Based - Anywhere). Now, Ready to be Actively Grown by Any New Owner or Simply Added to an Existing Industry Business.

  • This business owner needs an award for creating one of the most automated systems for online and direct to business client, gift hamper fulfilment. This popular and well trusted business is transferring a large, long term and existing client database, many of whom return often to re-order their branded or unbranded gift hampers from this preferred or exclusive provider.
  • Supplying quality and beautifully presented gift hampers is just the beginning of this business’s success story. It has simply attracted high quality business and corporate clients to its fold, being a direct reflection of its reliability and consistent delivery of quality hampers. Having many decades of trading history has also aided this business’s popularity, which simply means that it continues to be well paid by its clientele.
  • The high-volume ordering on such a regular basis means that this business is also one of the most time, effort and cost efficient at supplying clients with gift hampers locally and across borders. The direct spin off being that this owner has needed to do very little marketing or active advertising online or otherwise for many years in order to generate this business’s year on year sales growth! What a commercial luxury to enjoy…
  • This is one unique online and direct hamper distribution business, as it enjoys supplying volume based and high repeat order clients mainly. Proving popular among a variety of different industries which are always in need to sending such gifts to their respective clientele on an on-going basis.
  • Being firmly established within this highly lucrative business and corporate market supply segment of the gift hamper industry means that the online is scalable from here, but these volume-based orders are popular, time proven and provide ultimate efficiencies and great profit returns.
  • All clients mainly order via the website and email. The fully integrated online software management system is in place, reducing this owner’s admin and financial management duties tremendously, having automated a vast majority of this business’s fulfilment support processes.
  • This owner completely respects doing less and investing the least amount of time yet achieving the greatest level of financial reward and gain for these flexible hours and lifestyle. This owner has structured this specialist gift hamper business to support the family and personal lifestyle needs.
  • Not open to the public, this owner was recently based out of a double lock up garage and spare room as an office, but due to family circumstances relocated it to a small premise (equivalent floor area). All that’s required, even though stock moves fast within these walls.
  • This specialist gift hamper supply and distribution business receives national online client orders who pay 100% money upfront, assuring this business’s commercial and financial security on-going. Its website has always been left to rank organically and it does this extremely well, having never needed to have time nor money invested in google AdWords or SEO activities. Online orders occur regularly and organically due to its attractive and value for money online product range etc.
  • A new owner could expend the time and energy and become even more handsomely rewarded by passive and inbound based online sales, but this owner is completely content with this high net income earn. Especially when the organic results are already something to ‘write home’ about! The inbound based ordering is extremely appreciated by this part-time hour owner, as this business has always enjoyed a relatively consistent level of client hamper orders to fulfil throughout the year.
  • This is a specialist hamper company in the way that it focuses primarily on providing what brings the greatest financial yield for the time and effort expended per week – 5 flexible hour days only (all be it part-time hours, on average). Staff are also in support of the hamper production process.
  • This business’s long term and utterly reliant business-to-business clientele includes large, corporate, and local businesses from a diversity of different industries, including well-known and national branded companies who regularly return to request large numbers of the same branded or unbranded gift hampers. These are delivered to their door, via courier, mainly.
  • This is a fortunate gift hamper provider, as it enjoys a plethora of different industry clientele purchasing hampers in great number and regularly. This brand has been time proven, providing ample reliability and dependability, which has not only made this type of business a regular supplier to clients, but acts as a ‘set and forget’ product provider. Once the order is placed, the rest just happens automatically for the business and corporate client – which they appreciate the most!
  • High volume-based hamper ordering is the order of the day for this business, being its main speciality and area of focus.
  • Any new owner or existing industry business could capitalise upon this business’s large and existing, long term loyal business and online client base and the transfer of this database is gold, having been built over the last few decades!
  • Come and enjoy the profits and organically growing sales from this always in demand gift hamper specialist. Having both online hamper gifters located anywhere in the country and business/corporate client orders to satisfy regularly, which offer high average dollar amount invoices, per order, on average.
  • It’s hard to fault this type of scalable direct distribution and online supply hamper business. Locate within any premise or locate from the convenience and comfort of a home base anywhere in the nation – your choice!
  • Just wait until you see these beautifully presented hampers, no wonder clients continue to return year after year, and even rely upon this brand week in week out. They want to share in the goodwill and joy that gifting these hampers brings to each recipient. It lights up faces and client’s days!
  • Become the profit maker from passive, inbound based online orders, which needs no encouragement to land, nor do the high repeat and volume-based business corporate hamper product orders that makes up the balance of sales.

Enjoy this flexible and part-time hour lifestyle, from the comfort of a premise or your own home, and enjoy the benefits of this always growing, organically generated profit from this ‘feel good’ gift and hamper distribution business. Ready to be grown exponentially under the direction of a new owner, keep organically growing or actively pursue even more clients online or within the business community. All being to the level of wealth that a new owner wishes to aspire to… All for just $289,800 ($30-35K – approx.)  Open to all genuine offers

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