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[UNDER OFFER] Home Based, Part-Time Hour Diverse Gas Product Distribution Business #045

$189,000 + SAV Ref: 1023154

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This is a Home Based, Part-Time Hour - 2 Days p/wk, Diverse Gas Product Distribution Business. Enjoying Constant Inbound Orders, Received From a Diverse Clientele. With 1,700+ Clients on the Database. There Being Ample Potential for Further Sales Growth…Providing an Enjoyable Way to Invest Less Than Half a Week, Which Leaves the Remaining Days Free to Produce Even More Income! There Being Ample Upside to This Business...

  • This is a well-established, home based, renowned and heavily relied upon supplier and distributor of a diverse range of gases. For example, gas used to weld with, make beer with, power machinery, operate mechanical businesses and fundamentally required within everyday businesses etc. 
  • This is a low-cost distribution business, with nearly two thousand business, commercial, home based businesses and hobbyists as clients, who all require their gas supplies to be replenished regularly. 
  • This owner enjoys investing only 2 days per week and earning this solid and recurring income. This is an organic, inbound order based operation, with this owner stopping all marketing and advertising many years ago, for lifestyle and financial comfort sake. Due to already having ample existing clients and an on-going demand for its broad range of gas products, this distribution business provides a stable net income return, for doing what is simple and enjoyable. 
  • No licenses required due to the type of gases and delivery truck used. 
  • There is ample scope to further expand upon the total number of clients and the product range instantly, including lifting the highly competitive prices (lower than competitor’s due to not having the high costs and overheads). This owner is extremely content and comfortable with the regular ordering activity of this large and existing base of clients. in fact, he doesn’t want any more clients, not wishing to invest more than 2 days (having other interests). 
  • This business is free to be relocated to any home base within the greater Brisbane region, if there is a shed available to store the cylinders of gas (no licenses required). Simply use an open driver’s license and complete the short, gas handling course. 
  • This business also has a policy of being paid upfront, upon product delivery, by its many clients (with the exception of larger volume & long term clients). This produces such peace of mind and ease. These diverse industry clients all require different volumes of gas, determined by their on-going usage and application. The deliveries are well managed and the logistics remaining time and cost efficient. Also has the support of a contractor for overflow deliveries. This business is even contracted to provide gas deliveries for a larger gas company, who outsources to this well-known and respected brand. Having operated for so many years, clients have come to rely on the personalised approach, the speed of delivery and the value for money prices. 
  • This business doesn’t have the same overheads that larger corporate suppliers and organisations have. Being proud to own such an efficient way to make great money, per week (with a very high hourly rate achieved, if the net income is divided into the hours invested – 2 days approx.). 
  • This investment still leaves you more than half your Mon-Fri week as free time, for you to use, as you see fit. 
  • Expand this operation, and generate even more income. 
  • You couldn’t get a simpler business; simply trolley your gas cylinders onto the truck (has a tail gate lifter for ease), drive to your client’s address, which is pre-programmed in already, and gain their payment via a mobile eftpos machine and the gas is theirs, the delivery & transaction done! There is a very simple admin/financial management system also used, which also saves time.

Yes, this is as good as it sounds, as keeping it simple, can be the best! $189K + SAV ($70K approx.)  Owner Open to Offers

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