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[Offer Received Within 29 Business Days] Importer and Online Wholesaler/Distributor and Supplier of Fishing Tackle Products and Accessories #301

$1,095,000 + SAV Ref: 1024153

Nearly a Decade and a Half of Maintained National Market Leadership Online. This as an Importer and National Online Wholesaler/Distributor and Supplier of One of the Country’s Largest (Online and Warehouse-Based), Quality and Top Selling Brand Name Fishing Tackle Product and Accessory Ranges. The Owner Invests Mainly Flexible, Part-Time Hours Per Week, Overseeing and Viewing Reports Mainly From the Comfort and Convenience of a Home-Based Office (Base Yourself Anywhere in Australia). This is a High Profit Margin and “Stand-Out” Fishing Product Distribution Model. There are Many Unique Elements Combined, Making it a Formidable Force and One of the Largest Players of its Kind in Our Nation. Providing Leading Brand Names and Exclusively Owned Products. Providing any New Owner or Existing Fishing Industry Business a Colossal Client Database of Approx. 200,000+!

  • Established long term for nearly a decade and a half, it is little wonder that this investor owner has waited this long and now is the first time that this market leading import, national wholesale distribution and online fishing tackle product and associated accessory business, has been made available for transfer to a new owner or existing fishing industry business.
  • This owner has loved the lifestyle and time freedoms, plus the glorious profitability which is received passively from mainly high repeat ordering clients, online and via its national wholesale network of fishing bait and tackle, online re-sellers, chandleries and outlet based businesses.
  • It has afforded this owner hundreds of thousands of net income gains per annum and provides a consistently high sales volume (purchasing power) and high gross profit margin, across the entire range of 4-5,000+ core products, but have up to 20,000 (approx.) products accessible at a click of a button!
  • The “jewel in the crown” for any new owner or existing fishing industry business (looking to assume a massive and leading national market position online, immediately) is this business’s high rate of repeat and regularly returning product purchasing.
  • The client database being transferred is 200,000+ approx. Its consistent year after year, high sales and supplier purchasing rewards this business and its owner with highly advantageous pricing, therefore keeping these profit margins plump. Also coming with the direct benefit of top selling and international / national leading brand supplier support. The fishing product “buy deals” that this business enjoys, due to its size and stature within the fishing industry, makes owning this staff managed investment a complete pleasure! Why not bask in the on-going financial, commercial and profit rewards of being one of the nation’s “go to” fishing product hubs online and warehouses.
  • Yes, this business’s range is also across large and most popular and long list of national marketplaces and national product sites (i.e. eBay etc), but its own brand website generates a massive share of its total sales banked annually.
  • This business’s automation and technological prowess would have to be “head and shoulders” above any online and distribution business we have ever represented. We can draw comparison with thousands of online and wholesale distribution businesses operating across the country.
  • The secret of this business is its seamless “integration” with clients, suppliers and its team within the warehouse. There is potential for any new owner to outsource to a 3PL logistics and warehouse business, instead of fulfilling orders in-house, but thanks to software, it is a simpler process. These products lend themselves to being shipped to any client or business in the country and beyond.
  • This large, and mainly consumable product range on offer to every client, are predominantly light weight and small, being required by anglers everywhere. These types of fishing products will always be required, due to the nature of fishing, so are re-purchased and client’s stock is replenished often.
  • For the wholesale clients, this business has the volume-based buying advantage and even when products are distributed and supplied on special, a massive – sometimes even gargantuan profit margin is still being made. This also lends itself to remaining dominant across all online platforms. Remaining highly price competitive, and yet internally and behind the scenes, the owner of this business is still making the “big buck” net returns.
  • Clients can rely upon this provider, as “out of stock” items are a rarity, sales are not lost when compared to other smaller players in the nation. This is all thanks to a seamless integration with its top and leading brand supplier network.
  • This operation generates the sales consistently, so the suppliers, this business, its mainly absent and home based owner and its massive clients who follow and purchase often, all win…
  • The secret to growing any great product distribution, online and supply business is whether it can reward its owner handsomely by posting high gross profit margins. Sales can then be grown actively and more money can be made.
  • This business is proud of the fact that a massive amount of its annual revenues are self-propelled, not only organically generated, but a minimum of ¾ or more of its annual sales are due to existing clients and businesses returning to this trusted brand to source “all things fishing and tackle”.
  • This repeat and re-order activity is the lifeblood of this business, as it directly relates to its very low marketing and advertising spend per annum. With a client database this large, and a massive percentage continually returning to make purchases, this brand is one hard one for competitors to beat. There are so few market players who come close to the uniqueness, automation, passive repeat ordering and solid profit generating structure of this operation.
  • All in all, this is the “one stop” business for any fisherman, hobbyist or professional/commercial player.
  • It has a consumable based product offering which clients can’t help but to return and buy. This leading and well-known brand can now be transferred for the first time since its inception. The new owner, no matter their background, skill or prior industry knowledge (as all systems and processes are documented, systemised and fully trainable) or industry business will be laughing all the way to the bank! This acquisition makes market dominance, especially online, easy and immediate.
  • This owner is proud to transfer this highly profitable and staff managed operation. This business could be relocated to any location in Australia, as its main function for its team to simply pick, pack and fulfil a massive and consistent volume of inbound and passive based online and business client orders from its warehouse.
  • Outsource this function, relocate or keep it where it is. All in all, for the stature and size of this brand and its market leading position, maintained over the long term, its data entry, customer service and administration duties have been completely streamlined, ultimately fully integrated using its online based software management system combined with outsourcing.
  • Just wait until you read about the “magic” within this unique and highly time and effort efficient online and warehouse based distribution based operation. It seems like magic, but it is just great strategy and technology. Its benefits and unique execution, including exclusivity and full integration is a pure marvel!
  • The day-to-day business manager and team are long term employed, having remained loyal to this business, as with its clientele and supply chain (of the highest order). Due to how fun it is to be immersed in fishing gear 5 days per week, both clients and staff of this business enjoy this type of “loved” fishing product.
  • Includes exclusive and own brand products, which has also kept competitors at bay. These also contribute to posting high gross profit margins per order. This investment supplies rods, reels, lures, lines, and accessories – plus, much more. Offers everything a client needs to enhance their fishing experience and reel in the big catch.
  • This brand is renowned for continuously expanding the total product offerings, staying up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations within the fishing industry. Any angler or new business owner can purchase with confidence and discover why this business has remained the premier choice for fishing enthusiasts across Australia and beyond over the long term.
  • It can maintain a low, but fast moving stock amount, due to its outsourcing and “drop-shipping” based model, combined with its own warehouse fulfilment. This would have to be one of the very best on the market and now available for immediate transfer to a deserved owner or company, but whatever you do, don’t miss out on reading about this “unicorn” of business investments. Who doesn’t want to rule the online and fishing product distribution space!

All for just $1.095 Million + SAV ($200,000-$250,000 approx. – fast moving stock, with an outsourced drop shipping combined warehouse model) Open to all genuine offers

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