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[SOLD – Offer Received Within 20 Business Days] Importer, Market Leading Wholesaler/Distributor and Online Supplier Plush Toy Products #236

$1,995,000 + SAV Ref: 1023972

Multi Award Winning Designer, Importer, Wholesaler / Distributor and Online Retail, of a Large & Renowned Range of Quality Plush Stuffed Animal Companions. This is a Direct Importer, Market Leading National Wholesaler/Distributor and Online Supplier (Own Webstore) of High-Quality Plush Toy Products. Offers a Large Range of ‘Own Brand’ Products and Supplies One of Australia’s Largest and Unique Plush Toy Range. This Business has So Few Direct Competitors and Boasts a High 62.91% (approx.) Gross Profit Margin. Sales Grew Organically in 21/22 by 14.76% (approx.)! Online Sales & Reseller Volumes Continue to Grow. Enjoys Massive Repeat Orders from Long-Term Wholesale Stockists, Resellers & Online Suppliers Nationally (Includes Many Government Funded Organisations). This ‘Always in Demand’ Animal Plush Toy Product Supplier is both COVID-19 and Recession Proof!

  • This investment would have to be one of the very best in Australia, due to being one of Australia’s largest importers and national wholesalers/distributors (and exporters) of a very extensive and unique range of high-quality animal plush toys. The fact is that this is one of the best investments to own in the country, evidenced by having only three owners in all its many decades of extensive trading and market dominance.
  • Being one of Australia’s leading plush toy importers/suppliers simply means that its financial rewards are high. Its reliable and growing net profit is derived from having an extremely high number of diverse industry clients which includes many government funded clients, businesses, online resellers, corporate companies, and organisations, small through to large, who all continue (many remaining loyal purchasers for decades) contribute to this high and growing sales and profit base.
  • Client industries include medical, health, aged care, growing online re-sellers, government funded attractions/community services, military, community services, corporate brands, charities etc.). There being thousands of business-to-business and business-to-government funded clients contributing to this ‘feel-good’ venture’s commercial success.
  • This endeavour has literally stood the test of time, and even during COVID-19/2008 GFC, this business continued posting its high sales volumes and provided a highly supportive net return, each and every year. If any investor/owner wanted to find a ‘safe investment harbour’ then this would be one!
  • Sales of products have organically grown by nearly 15% in 21/22 and there is no sign of these sales reducing, only growing, as the greater national community seems to be wanting to ‘get back on its feet’ since COVID-19, with more movement of people around the country, domestic tourism is at an all-time high.
  • More people are seeking out and are in need of support of their mental and emotional issues. The NDIS has billions of dollars a year of funding devoted to its cause alone. Clients simply continue responding to a greater market demand that wants to feel good or feel better. Holding a plush toy, being so soft to the touch and looking all so adorable are a few reasons why these toys are being re-sold and gifted on mass – Being mainly used as promotional mascots for businesses, well known corporate brands and government funded organisations operating around the country, plus more and more being sent offshore.
  • The owner is currently registering many products in the US for further expansion, including already having an additional online store which has proven the USA market’s top selling products and provided invaluable market research for the up and coming launches of this many product range, within this massive US export market.
  • Put simply, this business makes all its money by supplying ‘feel-good’ products that give back to users, used to raise money for charity organisations, re-gifted and adored by most and are appreciated by young children through to the elderly and everyone in between.
  • Companies specialise in weighting these plush toys which makes them feel more life-like for therapy, being sensory toys for children and adults (special needs for example). The elderly disadvantaged or those who live alone can also have a companion on their lap, which requires little to no care.
  • The designs of these toys are unique to this business, internationally. Being this business’s ‘own individual product designs’ and due to being made and designed by this business, even similar products don’t stand up to the comparison test (on so many levels)!
  • No one that this owner knows about world-wide has been able to successfully duplicate the life like quality of this business’s entire range, hence the international distribution market is immediate potential, and even without actively marketing and advertising this business, it has grown largely organically, due to its high quality and client preferences being these designs over others, which obviously look and feel inferior!
  • This business’s product range could be considered a ‘work of art’ not being cheap and nasty or mass-produced goods.
  • Being the Australian market leader, and government, major corporates within the health, medical, home care and general business markets (a diversity of) choose this brand of products instead. Attracting high quality clientele. These larger volumes that the Australian market and offshore clientele require, now and in future can still be catered to easily by the many suppliers based offshore (not based in China) and have remained dedicated to supporting the growth of this unique business for more than the last decade.
  • These plush toys and business are registered with the government as an NDIS accredited supplier of ‘companion toys’, fast becoming a source of happiness and joy for tens of thousands of Ageing Australians. Therefore, this business’s clients are also able to fund their on-going purchases of plush, thanks to the government’s recognition of the need for these toys to resemble pets, which has been proven to support people’s overall wellbeing.
  • The secret to business success is investing in one that provides a high gross profit margin. This is so that a new owner’s time, money, and effort can be capitalised on. The greater the gross margin, the more money lands to the bottom line when sales are increased, and the business scaled up. More rewards can be found here…especially with what is coming into play for this much relied upon and popular distributor of Australian plush. Sought out by many industry clients (request the detailed business profile for an in-depth understanding).
  • Given that this business’s gross profit margin sits consistently above 60+% means that with its low overheads and minimal staffing requirements, this business could be grown exponentially by a new owner or existing/related industry business.
  • The other great news is that it could be relocated to any warehouse in Australia, for the ease and convenience of a new owner.
  • What supply chain issues? None here. As this business has been supported over the long term by its many suppliers, they are having no difficulty in supplying required stock to this business as it has been needed.
  • This is a rare business which does not rely on China for its products or shipments of stock.
  • So little marketing has been done for many years, even decades, with focus being on expanding the product range, encouraging sales via the direct to market webstore, tapping into the massive demand within the aged market, improving internal warehouse management efficiencies, which has since primed this business for transfer.
  • There being so much latent potential which could be realised nearly immediately for any new owner or existing / related industry business, no matter the skill or industry background of the new owner. The current owner had no prior experience and has since lifted sales to new heights – not seen in more than 20+ years!
  • The sheer volume-based ordering, quality and uniqueness of the product range and its own branded products has kept competitors at bay, providing one almighty high barrier to entry! These combined attributes and internal intrinsic elements is what has kept this business as one of the largest and market leading of its kind, in our nation…
  • Much of this business’s recurring order base and new clientele is generated via its thousands of existing clients, plus their referrals and organically generated word of mouth activity. This business is deserved of its industry reputation – the trust runs extremely deep among its corporate/business and government funded ‘fan base.’
  • There is no one client representing a large percentage of sales per annum, mitigating commercial and financial risk. The supplier, product range and client base are diverse.
  • New and existing clients purchase often, with many clients remaining loyal for more than 3 decades! Online sales have just continued to grow, thanks to COVID-19, whereby online product re-sellers are ordering more than ever before!
  • More social media and direct to client marketing could be done, having a client database that spans tens of thousands!
  • All webstore-based product orders are paid for upfront, prior to being despatched and COVID-19 only increased the volume of passive and organically generated purchases by end users (full profit margin).
  • The range includes products created and contract manufactured and are unique to this business. The cost of creating these products present a high barrier to entry to competitors, with there being so few who can compete directly with this business’s offering, especially providing this high quality.
  • This distribution business enjoys high gross margins, a wonderfully high net return/reward, low operating costs and offers any new owner the ultimate benefits of scalability from anywhere in Australia. This flexible hour operation and its opportunities for further sales growth are abound, with growth prospects that are downright captivating!

All being ready to transfer to a new owner or related industry member. This owner is open to genuine offers due to health concerns. All this and more for only $1.995 Million + SAV ($700-800K approx. of fast-moving stock)  Open to all genuine offers

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