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Large Maintenance Based Plumbing Service Business #182

$679,000 WIWO Ref: 1023493

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Established for More than 30 Years, this is One of the Most Profitable Plumbing Businesses Servicing the Fast Growing Sunshine Coast Region. Does Not Require the Owner to ‘Work on the Tools’. The Day-to-Day Work Left to the Plumbers on Team. Offers a Diverse Business-to-Business & Residential Clientele, with Little Done to Grow the Sales, as Organic Growth is More than 10.46% (approx.) 20/21! This is a Large and Quality Plumbing Investment, Being Preferred Supplier to Aged Care, Body Corporates/Real Estates, Child Care, Commercial Renovators & Residential Clients etc.…Also Comes with a Massive Top Line Sales Amount and a Very Lucrative Net Income for any Owner ‘Not on the Tools’ or Existing Plumbing Business to Benefit from Instantly!

  • Established for more than 3 decades, this is a well trusted and renowned Sunshine Coast based plumbing business. It has provided a growing sales and net profit amount for many of its trading years. This type of ‘always in demand’ plumbing service investment is large enough to provide any new owner (plumber or not) or existing plumbing business with a growing and stable financial base, in which to support a flexible time role – freedom to visit the main Sunshine Coast premise, where the main administrator runs the day to day office, allowing the owner the flexibility to remain within the comfort and convenience of a home based office (quoting/emails etc).
  • This investment has the capacity and ability to provide a wonderful living and Sunshine Coast lifestyle, able to set up any new owner financially for many years, if not decades to come.
  • This owner enjoys the role of ‘floating and overseeing’ the team of plumbers, who enact the day to day maintenance work for clients, being for a diversity of both residential and commercial/business-to-business. Both group of clients return, with the business / commercial clientele reliant upon this provider more often.
  • The business clients return often and place their repeat service orders, including residential clients who seem to make this business their family’s plumbing service, whenever needed.
  • Proud of just how large this business has grown over its long tenure and being supported by a massive Sunshine Coast growth in population, this business is both secure and financially rewarding.
  • The increase in renovation activity, especially at the ‘top end of the market’ i.e. $1-1.5 million+ home\mansion renovations, is yet another commercial niche market that this business is renowned for supporting.
  • The clients are great paying, high quality and repeat clients, including other services making this business an additional passive income, after outsourcing what it does not complete in-house. This simply means that this service based investment is one of the most diversified, offering a broad spectrum of plumbing services, and having ample capacity for further sale growth and expansion under the direction of a new owner or existing plumbing business.
  • Why not just instantly add this high sales and net profit amount to an existing plumbing operation! This business has a good percentage of the entire Sunshine Coast market share…for all things plumbing. 
  • For an owner who is primarily office based, leaving all the plumbing jobs to staff on team, the annual net income return is high, as with the gross profit margins. This business’s proven and reliable operational systems and prowess utilises technology and equipment that makes money, cost and time efficiently.
  • It has a great team of plumbers on team, able to support and service all the client’s job requests.
  • A long term trust, reputation for quality and reliability has ensued among its thousands of clients serviced over many decades.
  • A new owner or an existing plumbing company can take full advantage of all the benefits of a fast-flowing money pipeline, which includes multiple streams of passive income being earned – on-going (services and product sales outsourced).
  • Income is secure over the long term, as there is a constant need and demand for this business’s services, within the greater and swelling population on the coast. The constant positive cashflow generated (mainly paid-up front or receipted within a few days after completing any jobs), will make a new owner sleep extremely well at night… 
  • This business is the key to anyone enjoying a well-funded Sunshine Cost lifestyle. Having both time and activity freedom and flexibility, due to the size of this operation, its qualified team and its market stature.
  • Just a brilliant option to “bolt onto” an existing plumbing business, so to make even more money, instantly, or for a new owner to profit big (having a plumbing background would be advantageous). Why not adopt this long trading history and benefit from the transfer of thousands of clients on the existing database. The phone numbers and brand just keeps drawing new clients and existing client jobs back into this fold. With nothing additional needing to be done, such as active business development or further advertising required for many years to date, sales and profit growth has been achieved, quite naturally.
  • The high rate of new, repeat and return business-to-business job requests makes this one of the very best plumbing businesses to own on the Sunshine Coast.

Good businesses can be found, but great businesses are hard to find! This is the latter. When a business operates this well and this effectively, not requiring its owner to work as a plumber on the tolls, day to day, means that this is a robust operation which offers any new owner a lot of benefits! All for just $679K WIWO

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