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[Offer Received Within 2 Months] Large, Market Leading Event and Party Hire Equipment #311

$1,950,000 WIWO Ref: 1024202

This is One of the Southeast’s Largest and Dominant Market Leaders for All Things Event and Party Hire Equipment. Being One of the Largest of All, and Specialising within the School, Local Government/Council, Sporting Event/Clubs, Church/Community Groups, Corporate/Business and Private Event/Party Hire Client Markets. Offers More than $1.319+ Million in 2nd Hand Replacement Value of Plant & Equipment. Plus, a High Net Income Return and “Net income to Sales Ratio”, Providing a High Return on Investment! Its Multi-Million Dollar Sales have Increased by 38.29% (approx.) in 23 and again by 27.63% (approx.) in 23/24, YTD! Few, if Any Can Rival this Preferred Supplier’s Large, Diverse Client and Product Hire Base. What an Industry Player!

  • Having traded over the long term, this event and party hire equipment company is supported on-going by its internally registered, preferred supplier status among hundreds of regularly returning local SE QLD schools. Its hire area stretches down to northern NSW, and north beyond Noosa, West to Toowoomba and East to the Bayside of Brisbane and Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast.
  • One thing is for sure, that this business has always specialised within growing, financially safe and commercially secure client markets and industries such as having “supplied nearly every school within the greater Brisbane region”, the owner said. Plus, being the main go to for major regional councils/government departments within the Southeast, also registered as a preferred provider for their regular and annual community events.
  • Supplies and supports hundreds of sporting clubs, churches, community organisations and private party and event holders, including having a large network of event co-ordinators and organisers referring their clients to this brand, above others.
  • Yes, this is a fast growing and populating region, but one fact remains, that this business has more equipment than most, so it attracts the higher quality and value clients and related events/parties. Its average invoice amount continues to grow in value, over time.
  • Business and corporate clients are looking to support their staff loyalty by throwing parties and having brand building events that improve their morale. This being a sweetener that seems to be popular.
  • Then comes the many managers in place within this business, leaving this owner with a flexible time input and not being required to attend sites. Able to rely upon this management team and extended staff, who are all well trained and follow the well documented operational systems, proven to achieve greater time and labour efficiencies, over the long term.
  • Why not make this massively high 24+ cents in the dollar, as net income back to its owner! Hiring out the same owned equipment again and again, is what makes all the money. This is one very differentiated and highly lucrative endeavour.
  • Then comes the 50% paid upfront deposit income, the pre-bookings that stretch into 2025. Having hundreds of thousands of dollars already held as a “financial safety net” for any new owner.
  • This business is booked up solidly, and this being the tone set as it is an “always in demand” business day to day (5 main weekdays mainly). Its success is all thanks to its client diversity and its sales being extremely evenly spread across a very loyal and large school, plus council, sporting event, community and corporate event client market segments. These clients are always requiring what this business provides, for their annual events, held again and again, year after year. This is their veritable “One stop” hire business that offers more than anyone else, that this owner knows about within the SE QLD Corner, if not the entire state of QLD, within this industry.
  • Having such a high volume of returning clients, combined with such a wide network of referring event co-ordinators/companies, even COVID-19 didn’t stop this unique business from profiting big during its greatest lock down moments! Now that’s sustainability…
  • This operation is also fully systemised, having one of the most time and labour efficient systems supporting its large net return. It utilises a customised and highly supportive software management system. Its cashflow includes 100% payment upfront before any event is supplied, with the exception of guaranteed money from the many hundreds of schools and large number of local councils or government departments supported with 30 day credit accounts (never any bad debts from these two reliable and financially secure sectors).
  • This business offers more repeat and returning client transactions and financial security than most other types of businesses. With 50% of all event product hire income being receipted upon booking. With such a colossal return on investment from owning this type of equipment, it makes sense to continue receiving its fruits, from staff labour mainly, and growing it further… the demand for this business’s type of unique products (including imported and contract manufactured equipment), will always exist, as humans are social beings at heart!
  • The clientele being transferred to any new owner, (no matter their prior industry experience, skill or knowledge) or for any existing industry business wanting to bolt on millions of dollars of turnover and a high net income yield, the clients are of the highest quality and type.
  • This is certainly one to revere, as it is, by smaller players who can’t match its offering. This is a one of the most dominant players within this space, due to having so many combined elements that make it a formidable competitive force. The unique equipment being offered to the local SE QLD school, local government, sporting, business/corporate and community of clients can’t be found anywhere else in the market. The majority of its equipment and popularity is based upon providing unique and customised equipment, having been contract manufactured by trusted and highly supportive suppliers, offshore s. This business being a major importer of this equipment.

All these growing sales, repeat and returning, high quality clients, financial security from pre-booked income and payments, just “quality as far as the eye can see”. The value for a new owner is not only this high net income but the hefty reduction in this transfer amount, thanks to 50% deposits already banked and are to be refunded upon transfer to the new owner (hundreds of thousands of dollars as immediate cashflow injection to start operating with). All for just $1.95 Million WIWO Open to all genuine offers

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