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[SOLD – Offer Received Within 3.5 Months] Large, Market Leading, Pool Services Business with Outlet #273

$649,000 + SAV Ref: 1024068

This is a Large, Market Leading, Pool Services Business with Outlet – Includes Being Staffed, as are the Pool Servicing Client Jobs. Owner’s Input involves Flexible Hours throughout the Year, Having Many Pool Technicians on Team to Support this Business’s Growing Sales (Organically, due to Increased Population). Offers a High Net Income, Pre-Booked Services and has a Recurring Cashflow (Mainly Paid within Days). This Business has a High Net Income Yield Therefore Return on Investment is One to ‘Write Home About’! Receipt this Positive Cashflow and Enjoy a Secure Business Investment that Remains in Constant Demand…Net Income $392,119.02 p.a. (22/23)

  • Long established, the stature of this business within this large and high growth region is such that clients have remained loyal for many, many long years, seeing no need to move away from one of the largest pool industry service providers and product suppliers, via outlet. Its large base of regularly and pre-booked pool servicing runs, are managed and executed by the large team of pool techs on team, which enables this investment’s owner to support this business and oversee it with flexible input and time throughout the year.
  • With many schools, government departments, real estate agencies and residential home-owners and renters as regular serviced clients, this business owner has needed to do little to maintain its top market positioning. It just so happens to be the largest of its kind servicing this highly populated and growing region. Including clients purchasing in bulk and this owner not being required to be one of the pool techs or to serve within the outlet. The staff are more than capable, being so well trained and the successfully manage these main, day-to-day, income generating tasks on behalf of this owner.
  • This is one high net profit investment, being one of the most financially secure businesses available for transfer on the market, as this is no ordinary business either. Able to provide a positive cashflow that will make any new owner just smile and relax, at the same time.
  • The current owner is ready for retirement and wishes to transfer this secure provider to a new owner who cherishes having it all… a great flexible hour lifestyle and the money to enjoy it. This owner has had this business fund ownership of the freehold premise it operates from, as it makes ample money, and its services are required on an on-going basis for anyone who owns or uses a pool.
  • There are so many local pool builders who are booked up a year in advance, who refer all their new clients to this trusted brand and business. There being hundreds of pools being added to this business’s client catchment and expansive pool servicing areas.
  • The best thing to happen to this business at this juncture is for a new owner to begin to benefit from all that it provides its owner – the lifestyle, the freedom of time and input, not taking on any designated role on within the business. The roles that makes this business its money are designated to staff, not owner.
  • Overseeing the bank account and financial management tasks, including having well trained and long-term staff capable of managing the product supply outlet and servicing the pools on a regular run basis certainly means that more could be done by this owner to grow this already strong and organically growing base.
  • Wait only days for clients to pay for their regular pool servicing, if not receipt money on the day or upfront when clients purchase their constantly needed pool products. Imagine owning a business where the clientele is always in need of your business’s products and services (if they don’t purchase it costs them even more money). This fact makes for one extremely financially secure and reliable pipeline for on-going profitability! We invite you to view the highly detailed business profile, as it may well be the very last one you will ever need to read…Simply refer to the high net income reflected on the detailed financial statements, as these prove a great profitability over many years of trading.
  • This owner having stopped actively marketing locally, many years ago, the net income still flows in like clock-work, so why bother spending extra time and money when existing client referrals continue to do justice to this business’s bottom line. All this naturally generated growth being via recommendation, free of charge!
  • Fully systemised and underpinned by a software management system that allows this owner to have a ‘finger on the pulse’ of trading and staff activity, even when enjoying the privacy and peace of time within a home based office during the day. This is what well-funded business ownership should look like!
  • Business ownership should include lifestyle flexibilities, freedoms, and a high net income for not exchanging a great deal of one’s time. This business is more than deserved of its many and consistently received referrals, and could further expand its commercial, business to business and government dept clientele locally, but to date this owner has not been motivated nor interested in actively growing. Just being fine with the ample funding already being received.

A new owner can now take the latent potential of this venture and do even more with it, simply waiting for a new owner to arrive with a renewed enthusiasm and desire for growth and expansion. Many more clients to provide for, so look out whomever takes this business on. It will be tempting to want to continue this organically generated growth trajectory – inspiring action!  Great value for this high net profit, only $649K + SAV ($120K – $170K approx.)  Open to all genuine offers

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