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Large Storage Shed Facility Business & Freehold – Main Road Position! #027

$10,950,000 WIWO Ref: 1023138

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This is a Large & Main Road Positioned Gold Coast Storage Shed Facility Business & Freehold. There Are Ample, Long Term Tenanted Storage Sheds Providing a High Annual Passive Income. This is a Rare Find, As It Offers a High Annual Income, As is a Unique Investment…When You Realise the Address of this Site You’ll Understand Why This Owner Has Retained it For the Last 30+ Years. Now, Family Reasons Makes This Transfer Possible…Being at A ‘Value for Money’ Transfer Amount (Recent & Comparative Sales Prove Just How Valuable This Site Is)!

  • Extremely long established, there is a high number of storage sheds being rented to long term business tenants, with there being an ongoing demand for this unique freehold and passive income generating business.
  • This site is located on one of the busiest roads on the Gold Coast, providing a prime site which should not be understated.
  • This storage shed business and freehold property offers tenants benefits not commonly found within the fast-growing region of the Gold Coast. Tenants have remained for nearly 3 decades and 60%+ (approx.) of tenants have remained within this facility for more than the last decade. Clients know better than anyone just how good this site location is. This owner has never had a tenant find anything that compares to this storage shed business in 3 decades. Nothing equals it, for all its combined virtues. It has one of the very best locations, convenient access, the sheer size of this freehold property alone secures your long term financial future. This is most certainly a ‘game changer’ for the right investor.
  • Being a once in a lifetime opportunity, this business and freehold is ready to be transferred for family reasons, after 30+ years. Ready to be offered up to the next investor, after more than 3 decades with this same owner…Take heed, this investment is as good as it sounds, proven by this owner’s long term ownership, the site specs, prime main road location, high annual revenue, uniqueness, size of land & buildings and potential to earn so much more immediately (see calculations of income, within the detailed business profile). Just wait until you receive this address and you’ll come to understand why even the national companies and majors have sited themselves close to this site. Why this area is one of the most sought after and why the income is so high. You will be delighted knowing what road this site is positioned on, and most importantly where on that road in particular.
  • This is one of the most unique within the entire Gold Coast and offers one of the greatest commercial securities, growing land values and passive income generation businesses. This is one valuable storage facility business, including its unique and extremely large freehold site. Redevelop this site and add many more units, or even a different type of business, there being ample land area to do it all. This amount represents great value for a new investor. Currently, this large, prime and passively generating income site only utilises 50% of its total land area.

Offers close soon. Don’t miss a once in a lifetime opportunity to set yourself up for life, or for an existing storage facility company, there would be an untold number of benefits to owning this passive income asset…$10.950 Million WIWO (Includes both the storage facility business and large freehold property)

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