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[SOLD – OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 1.5 MONTHS] Long Established and Extremely High Net Income Pool Product Outlet and Pool Servicing Business #228

$975,000 + SAV Ref: 1023783

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This is a Gold Coast Based, Decades Long Established and Extremely High Net Income Pool Product Outlet and Pool Servicing Business. Maintains Pools Regularly and Supplies a Large Range of Pool Products to Thousands of Commercial/Business and Residential (including School) Clients. You Have to See this High Net Income to Believe it… Simply Request the Submitted Financial Statements Which Prove its Worth. Operating for Many Decades, Organic and Inbound Sales Growth is Still Being Achieved. This is “Ripe for the Picking” & Just a Uniquely Profitable Investment, as its Always in High Demand with Hardly Any Advertising Spend!

  • Established for many decades, this is the way for any investor or new business owner to invest flexible hours, 5 days in being fully funded by this extremely consistent and high net income earning business.
  • There is one thing to be said about this business, it is not the norm, having many internal elements which only add and bolster its commercial arsenal within the fast-populating Gold Coast region.
  • Open only 5 days, with potential to open on weekends, if a new owner wishes to make even more money in addition to this colossal net income amount already being posted and declared, year on year.
  • This single owner is now ready after a very long trading period to transfer this highly rewarding and lifestyle-based operation to a new owner or investor. A new owner requires no prior industry experience or knowledge, as will be trained by the current owner. There are staff in place, being great at their jobs, looking after this business as if it were theirs and managing the outlet when the owner is absent. The culture of this business was set in place and since continued for many decades, with the intrinsic trust among clients being so great, that they remain loyal for decades and competitors don’t get a look in…
  • All in all, this is a positive and paid upfront cashflow based business, especially via its large outlet. Its income and clientele of thousands are diversified. Supported by regular and high repeat pool maintenance clients who are serviced monthly, on average. These clients are all booked in advance and a direct debit is the most common form of regular payment for these long standing and frequently referring clients.
  • With a convenient and free surround parking location on offer, commercial success can’t help but spring forth for this endeavour. It enjoys a high rate of pool outlet visitation from the blooming population base already living on the Gold Coast, with many more heading this way.
  • One thing is for sure, after operating for this many decades, this business has become one of the most trusted among thousands of clients with pools, within this idyllic and highly sought-after Gold Coast region.
  • Clients include local and surrounding resorts, accommodation houses, swim schools, real estates, and homeowners/tenants with pools etc.
  • With this number of virtues being transferred to a new owner, all encompassed within this one investment package and independently owned pool product and service supply brand, there is no doubt why this net income yield, year on year has remained so consistently high.
  • Again, despite the affects of the COVID-19 pandemic on our economy, this business has not “skipped a beat”, still being as profitable as ever, year after year, to date. Just wait until you see this bottom line! Not only is your jaw going to hit the floor, but it will also be to the delight of any new owner who wishes to find the closest thing to a “sure thing”. This is due to being a pool product and service provider, who will always be required, and this business has proven that little to no advertising has little effect on the referrals and the high rate of new clients, who want to come and attach themselves to this brand, and happily remaining for many years, even many decades.
  • This high number of trading decades has engineered a deep level of trust and loyalty among a vast number of clients. This fact cannot be ignored, nor is it easy to compete against or replaced by competitors.
  • This is a unique investment within the Gold Coast pool industry, having ample internal attributes that set it apart from all others. All will be revealed within the highly detailed profile that is available free of charge upon request via email.

Be quick to snap this one up, as has not been available for transfer for many, many years. So good this owner never wanted to transfer it, but time dictates that this business must be moved along to a new owner who can tap into all its latent potential for further sales and profit growth. All this for $975K plus fast-moving stock of $30-40K (approx.)  Open to all genuine offers

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