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Long Established, Pool Product Outlets and Regular Pool Servicing Business #242

$499,000 + SAV Ref: 1023800

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This is One of Brisbane’s Longest Established, 38-Year-Old Pool Product Outlets and Regular Pool Servicing Businesses. This is an Incredibly Profitable Investment for a Single Owner as this Investment Generates Multiple Income Streams from Both this Centrally Located, Convenient and Popular Pool Product Outlet as well as its Pre-Booked and Growing Pool Servicing Clients. Regular Income Just Drops Money into the Bank Account. Includes Both Long Term Staff (up to a 15 Year Tenure) and Both Residential and Commercial Clients. Wait Until You See Just How High this Net Income Actually is! Organic and Inbound Sales Growth is Being Posted, Requiring No Advertising Due to Pool Related Products and Servicing Always Being in Demand!

  • Established for nearly 4 decades, this is the way for any single owner or investor to profit big by being involved with the always in demand pool product and servicing business! There exists ample net profits earned to replace this owner’s flexible time invested (mainly 5 days) or there even being option to put this pool product outlet under full staff management (servicing is mainly completed by staff, not this owner).
  • This well-placed, independently owned and operated pool business brand offers its thousands of clients a large showroom and a conveniently accessible premise to purchase products. There is a large floor area, ample enough for the storage of pallets of bulk stock, including a diversity of product brands, many of which this business is the authorised dealer and warranty repairer of.
  • Both its products and regular pool servicing are required and relied upon all year round by both its loyal base of residential and commercial/business clientele. Quite literally there are thousands of these clients… so much so that they contribute to this business’s million-dollar plus revenues, per annum.
  • This is a simple style of business, a recession and COVID-19 proof industry and investment to embrace wholeheartedly. No matter the economic climate, there will always be pools that more home-based residents and businesses (body corporate management companies, real estates, schools etc) require to be tended to, continually. The more rain the more pool chemicals are required to keep the pool from turning green, and no one wants that…we are told that if reported, the council simply gets the pool serviced to be healthy to swim in and just sends the bill to the rate payer!
  • There is ample staff in place, including those who support this owner at the pool product supply outlet, plus pool tech staff in the field completing the servicing for local and surrounding suburb clients on a set and regular basis. There is ample potential for the new owner or existing pool industry business acquiring this largely predictable pool industry endeavour to advertise this brand actively, add many more pool servicing jobs to the existing runs, and advertise direct to the existing client database will be the first ever done!
  • This business would have one of the most time and labour efficient pool servicing runs, ready to be transferred for the benefit of a new owner/investor and is completed by trusted and well-trained staff on team. These are all mainly set and pre-booked visits, regularly executed. 
  • Pool servicing clients have organically increased in 21/22 by a whopping 29.12%!
  • This extremely high net income is being generated by a combination of key and highly advantageous factors; able to provide ample surround and free parking for its diverse and high-quality socio-economic clientele. The demand for pool heating, supplying more spas and pool equipment for renovated and new dwellings, the greater area population growth within the immediate client catchment base is all on the rise.
  • Proudly, another element is being so well supported by its long-term product suppliers (for both chemicals and equipment), who offer this brand ample product deals and discounts – ongoing, which keeps its market presence ‘formidable’ and this investment increasingly profitable for its single owner (5 days invested on avg.).
  • There is a large premise and product showroom on offer to its thousands of local and surrounding area clients, providing a diversity of product brands. This pool business’s uniqueness extends to boasting upper middle class and wealthier suburbs being in close proximity to the door of this business. Clients seem to have the money and inclination to outsource their pool cleaning and related needs to this trusted and extremely long-term trading pool company.
  • This stand-out investment also offers the financial comfort of a positive, paid upfront cashflow (cash money included), plus receiving regular direct deposits straight into the bank account. 

All packaged up and ready for organic or active sales and profit growth from here on in, for any new owner, as all will be trained. Being transferred for such an equitable amount for such a high profit and sales volume, due to this owner’s plans to relocate. A massive return on investment for just $499K Plus SAV $120K (approx.) 

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