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[OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 20 BUSINESS DAYS] Long Established, Staff Managed and Multi-Skin Cancer Clinic Business Package #156

$1,390,000 WIWO Ref: 1023392

Female doctor checking skin of girl with dermatoscope in clinic

This is a Long Established, Staff Managed and Multi-Skin Cancer Clinic Business Package and Transfer. Established by this Founder Nearly Two Decades Ago (Owner is Not a Doctor or Practitioner). This Group’s Sales Have Increased by Nearly 29.19% in 20/21! Even Achieving Double-Digit Sales Growth Prior to COVID-19. Having So Many Skin Cancer Doctors and Management/2IC Staff in Place, Leaves this Part-time Hours Owner to Invest Few Hours, Per Week (mainly financial management duties). This group provides anyone of any industry or background, including an existing medical industry business, with a highly profitable business model, being highly systemised & ready for immediate and further organic (happening naturally) or pro-active growth…

  • Established for nearly two decades, this is one of Brisbane’s market leaders and most popular resort for any patient of any age, to visit for their skin disorders or skin cancer treatments/consultations.
  • With such a minimal and low annual advertising and marketing budget, this brand speaks for itself among its loyal clientele, and its culture being supported by the fact that the long-term doctors have chosen to remain, feeling highly supported by this well-managed and operated model.
  • This group of clinics are proud to have an attractive and highly successful culture that not only brings a steady and growing stream of new and existing patients for the many doctors to treat, but also offers any new owner the capacity for these practices sales to continue to grow. More doctors could be added, more social media, educating of clients, and communicating to the 21,000+ clientele on file, would be most beneficial.
  • This group offers clients of the greater Brisbane region and beyond with it all. An extremely high calibre and quality of doctors employed within these multiple clinics, including a high level of customised and patient care that they are compelled to refer and tell others about. With the rate of new clients arriving per week and even per day, being the result of upholding a trusted brand within these local and fast-growing community.
  • For this part-time and flexible hour owner, the manager is long term employed, as with the 2IC and doctors on staff, able to manage these businesses in the absence of this owner.
  • This business is already a highly profitable endeavour and now, just needs a new, not matter their background, skills, or industry experience, as this owner is not a doctor, nor is proficient with the treatment of any skin disorders or skin cancers etc.
  • A more motivated and enthusiastic owner is what this business requires now at the helm. As, with such a high rate of organic and inbound based sales and profit growth being experienced by this unique investment, this niche medical service is not only a highly profitable segment of the medical services industry, it provides anyone of any age within the general public with a service they can trust and gain confidence by.
  • In fact, the statistics of the rate of skin cancers are showing growth in numbers of patients, this business and its long list of services have simply become more and more in demand. Clients are becoming more and more aware of the need to have their skin checked regularly, and any skin cancer’s removed and treated quickly.
  • There would be only a few direct competitors, being similar but not the same as this unique practice group.
  • These practices are all surrounded by high quality client demographics, and a fast growing population base to tap into.
  • These medical clinics offers its many long-term doctors it all…a large client database and on-going demand to see a skin specialist/doctor, a high income able to be earned regularly, and reliably.
  • This business makes use of the best software management systems, which includes multiple softwares which enable this investor owner to report of nearly every facet of the business’s performance and operation.
  • Patients have clearly chosen to make this trusted brand their preferred skin related service provider. With an ageing population clearly choosing to invest their disposable income into their health and wellbeing. It being far more rewarding for clients to reach out these staff and practices rather than go to competitors…for many reasons which are detailed in the business’s profile.
  • This multi-practice packaged investment has so much to offer any new investor or existing medical industry business.
  • These long-established practices have commanded the long-term loyalty of a massive patient database. The value of which is high, combined with the fact that it is currently being underutilised, in the way of maintaining constant communication. This lends itself to ample more marketing and information-based communication which could increase the uptake of the many services offered within these practices (ideas of immediate growth detailed within the profile).
  • The scope of services offered patients is constantly being increased, as they are requesting other services and prefer to return to this trusted provider to have them administered.
  • These long-term employed doctors, nurses and administration staff enjoy the highly supportive culture and systemised operating system, proving to be one of the best models there is operating within this greater Brisbane region.
  • A new owner or company needs no prior medical skill, knowledge, or background in which to profit big from owning this unique niche market, endeavour.
  • Now, any new owner can profit from owning this fast growing medical industry business.
  • This staffed investment has not been available for transfer for nearly two decades.
  • These practices are positioned within high growth areas, with its surrounding population naturally increasing.
  • This multi-clinic business package is primed for further sales and profit growth, having ‘passive income’ flowing into the one bank account.
  • It is rare to have a practice which offer all of these combined benefits.
  • The long standing respect and reputation of these practices, its high doctor quality, prime positioning, easy access, and extremely large client database are just a few of the elements which contributes to its uniqueness and its enviable market positioning.
  • Welcome to one of the best investments you’ll find in decades, as these quality practices are rarely transferred. With the way in which this practice so effortlessly produces consistent sales and net incomes it is no wonder that it generates what it does for its owner. Retirement if the motivator for transfer.

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