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[OFFER RECEIVE WITHIN 2 MONTHS] Long Established, Trailer Manufacturer, Parts & Accessories #114

$199,000 + SAV Ref: 1023484

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This is One of SE/QLD’s Longest Established, Brisbane Based, Trailer Assemblers (Mainly Box Trailers). The Vast Majority of its Annual Income is from the Manufacturing, Supply of Trailer Parts & Accessories, Including Regular, High Profit Margin Trailer Servicing. With Such a Diverse Clientele; Wholesalers/Hirers/Resellers, End Users (Caravan/Camping & 4WD), and a Large Number of Business/Trade Based Clientele, Trailers & their Parts Will Always be in Constant Demand. Clients Always Need Trailers to Transport Stock, Equipment & Tools etc…

  • Established for the last 4 decades, this is a unique trailer & associated part supply business. With its clients including products supplied direct to end users (4WD/caravan & campers), wholesalers/hirers/resellers, and a long list of industry based business and tradespeople. These clients are provided with high quality (assembly only) standard box trailers, which come with a long list of accessories for clients to add (increasing the average dollar sale), including the option to customise trailers to individual requirements. There being 1,000’s of quality trailer parts (majority of sales generated) and on-going servicing that provides an additional high profit margin, passive and recurring income stream for this business.
  • This is a massively under-marketed business, as frankly, having only 2 owners in 40 years speaks volumes about the quality of owning this business, and the lifestyle this business offers any new owner, no matter their industry background or skill level.
  • Due to this owner remaining largely front of house, engaging in client liaison, quote conversion, meeting and greeting clients (both new and existing – with the new clients being mainly referred.) means that the trained team on staff, remain back of house in the workshop.
  • This owner has always enjoyed the client contact, and therefore, has chosen to remain the converter of client requests into income, by being at the front of this business, allowing well trained staff to complete the workshop-based activities back of house, mainly.
  • Largely, all sales and new clients have been organically generated, as this business has continued to ride on the strength of its own well-built reputation. More importing could be activated by a new owner, offering a ‘budget’ line of tailers.
  • The quality of both trailers assembled for clients, including their related parts and accessories have won the hearts and loyalty of the majority of this business’s long-standing business/trade-based clientele. Actively marketing and advertising this business has never been a priority, or even required to receive the consistent sales volumes and net income returns.
  • This is a fun and secure business to become owner of, as there will always be a need for trailers, and their associated products and on-going servicing. Website is ready to have a trailer parts webstore added, to create a passive, online based income stream. This owner knows that by adding just this, and marketing the website actively, could yield thousands of dollars in additional online revenues.

$199K + SAV ($100K – Owner has offered a percentage of vendor financing for the stock component only, to support a new owner – that’s just how confident this owner is, in the success of this long trading, trailer product supply business.)  Owner open to all offers due to retirement

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