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Low Cost and High Profit Margin Tree & Green Waste Service Business #129

$339,000 WIWO Ref: 1023315

ad release 22Feb2021a

Established for The Last 25 Years, This Is One Responsive, Low Cost and High Profit Margin Tree & Green Waste Service Business. Being the Long Term (10-15 Yr.) Preferred Supplier to Many University Campuses, Hospital, Local Schools, Body Corporates, Commercial Buildings, Insurance Companies, And Real Estates. These Quality Clients Are Not Only Great Payers, But Generate a High Percentage of Repeat Income Per Week (Booked A Few Weeks in Advance). This Brand Mainly Services Government and Business Clients Who Generate a High Percentage of Recurring Income, By Being The ‘Go To’ Business for Their Legislative Tree Services, Such as Felling, Stump Removal, Pruning and Green Waste Removal - The Client Demand Is On-Going…Even Predictable.

  • Being established for the last quarter of a century simply means that the marketing and advertising budget can sit at $2,260 p.a. (19/20) annually or even less and the client jobs still keep rolling in. This business’s 25-year reputation generates constant inbound client enquiries, organically, via word of mouth activity and this business’s quality services, quick response and competitive prices can rival even the largest of players in the market.
  • With many campuses, schools, commercial/business clients choosing to make this business their preferred supplier, over the long term (averaging 10-15 years, to date), this is no ordinary tree and green waste service business. It offers any new owner or related industry operator a wonderful level of predictable cashflow, financial security and on-going job requests to respond to.
  • Due to being able to offer clients of any size or stature personalised attention, care and a high-quality workmanship has ensured that this business continues to make great money. Consistent money is even better… due to an average of 40% of the business’s sales being generated per week by regular school/university site-based jobs alone!
  • This business is fortunate not to have the same costly infrastructure that larger competitors do, therefore, can provide the required services at a level that maintains the client’s loyalty for decades, and still able to command competitive prices and high profit margins. This service business offers any new owner an on-going, even predictable income that makes for a wonderfully secure investment.
  • Not only are this business’s client’s great payers, but they are in need of these type of services constantly, as these services are required by law. With clients of this stature being audited per annum, so they are needing to have their site’s environments maintained, on-going, and to be able to pass annual audits.
  • There is much money to be made from site clearing (massive and growing demand), tree and the related green waste removal. Due to having such large uni campuses, school sites to visit and service regularly, including a high number of body corporates, real estates, and commercial sites to maintain, this business is not only booked up in advance, but has an expansive and collective environment to manage and maintain – on-going. This owner has the assistance of staff and a network of contractors when a job requires them.
  • This business’s main focus is on its ongoing and well-paid government client work and jobs, which makes for a very secure income and comfortable lifestyle. It has been so comfortable for this owner that he has not needed to actively grow this business, to date. This business’s sales have grown by another 15.18% (19/20) organically.
  • There is $180K+ of at conservative 2nd hand replacement value plant and equipment being transferred to a new owner, and it has a myriad of different ways it can earn a new owner even more money, i.e. recycling more, being already paid for green waste, and supplying resultant wood chips, wood slabs (furniture), mulch for gardens etc. This owner hasn’t yet tapped into the true potential of these additional income areas. But, a new owner could…
  • There is quite literally a myriad of different ways that more money can be generated by this business, if a new owner was so inclined or motivated. Taking green waste from client sites is a service to them, but the by-products of collecting this type of waste is required by other client segments – so why not help more people, and the environment by recycling!

All in all, the cashflow of this business is highly supportive of any new owner or related industry business. The repeat job rate is high. This investment represents a wonderful option to bolt this onto another existing company, as who wouldn’t want this high calibre clientele constantly calling your phone number and requiring your services. With this much government client work, it is little wonder that this owner has remained financially comfortable for the last 15 years in this business. Being only $339K WIWO (Includes $180K of quality, well maintained equipment)

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