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Market Leading Multi-Million Dollar Sales Business #086

$1,990,000 WIWO Ref: 1023147

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This is One of QLD’s Market Leader’s, Being a Multi-Million Dollar Sales Business, Having Mainly Government Funded Clients with Annual Budgets that Provide Secure, High Repeat ‘Bulk’ Product Orders Throughout the Year (Specialist Supplier for Medical/Health Clinics, Schools/Childcares, Gov’t Departments). Being an Importer, National Wholesale/Distributor & Direct Supplier of a Large Range of Niche Market, Branded Apparel & Promotional Merchandise Products. This Investment is Fully Staff Managed, Offering a High Barrier to Entry and Ample Commercial & Financial Security…

  • Established for 13 years by this current owner, this is a niche industry business, a dominating player in QLD, and a national supplier poised to be bolted onto an existing industry operation or simply owned as a financially secure business (specialising in supplying nearly all government funded clients within the health/medical, Government and education sectors). There is a large list of high quality, long term business clients, securing a new owner’s financial future, as clients must spend their allocated budget within the year, needing to purchase branded apparel and promotional products. This annual spend is devoted to being preferred suppliers to this business. This government funding having also been legislated.
  • This is a unique investment – with transfers such as this one being a rare find.
  • This is a boutique provider of mainly high repeat, bulk, volume-based orders of branded apparel and promotional products (not being discretionary for these clients). This operation boasts high gross profit margins being a direct importer and national distributor. This operation has not needed to actively market for many years due to its secure sales being perpetuated year after year. Millions of dollars need to be spent with a company and a long term trusted supplier such as this one, so that client’s government funding can be granted year after year. The likes of this highly trusted and revered provider of high-quality products and customised servicing, combined with its 13 years of establishment and current market leading positioning makes an ideal way to make money, over the long term. This is a very secure, fully managed, niche business – being one of the best an investor could find.
  • There are so few competitors vying for the millions of dollars of government funding and overall client spend. Clients span the nation, and are found throughout corporate Australia. Clients include a high number of government departments such as QLD Health, ASIC, as well as education sector businesses; childcares, schools, universities, and a high number of medical & health clinics (being a specialist within these sectors). The barrier to entry is high, due to being a niche market leader. The transfer of many core, long term and high volume ordering clients provide a ‘predictable spending pattern’.
  • The annual government funding is even legislated. There are only a handful of suppliers satisfying this highly rewarding, on-going and growing segment of the branded apparel and promotional product industry (specialising in the medical, government department and education sectors mainly etc.). Making this no ordinary business.
  • Being preferred supplier to so many has made the marketing and further building of this business superfluous to this owner’s plans. There also being an absent owner, having multiple managers in place.
  • This business outsources to trusted suppliers, both on and offshore (includes a consolidating agent offshore to source any product required by clients), as this business can also offer clients drop-shipping services, providing in-house stock warehousing and 3PL if they require it.
  • This operation is fully systemised, having the benefit of a fully integrated and central software management system, which makes this a seamless provider of personalised service and customised products. There is even more money to be made by an owner who chooses to take on an active business development role, as this finely tuned and proven operation is ready to be taken to its next level of growth!
  • This business is rewarded by having a self-perpetuating sales model. There being ample opportunity to build upon sales, client numbers and overall profits if a new owner was interested in target marketing. There being so few businesses able to provide what this business does, this brand being renowned for being different in so many ways, hence the strong loyalty demonstrated within these highly lucrative sectors. Clients must spend their allocated annual budgets for funding to continue, and historically clients have chosen to support their regular held events and client marketing activities with promotional merchandise and branded apparel purchased from this business, thus making this clientele financially secure. This long term loyalty translating into a financially secure investment, as this business has become so many client’s long term supplier for the majority of their branded apparel and promotional products.


A unique business investment indeed! Open to offers at $1.99 Million WIWO Owner Open to Offers

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