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Minor Onsite ‘Touch Up’ Service Provider #051

$217,500 WIWO Ref: 1022968

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This is a Minor ‘Touch Up’ Service Provider, Being Onsite, at a Large Number of Top Brand Vehicle Dealerships. Being an Extremely High Profit Service and Providing Any New Owner with a Very High Net Income, For Investing Part-Time Hours Only. This Business Provides a High Quality, Niche Service to Many Well Known & High Volume Vehicle Dealerships. Providing Speedy Payment, and Includes Staff Support… Increased Sales in 18/19 by a Massive 30.28%! Net Income $174,097 p.a. Part Time Hours Per Week

  • Established for the last 17 years, this niche market ‘touch up’ service earns the big bucks. You’ll be delighted at just how high this net income actually is, for what is being done (a lot of money is made within a short period of time, per job). There is a constant and on-going demand for these services, and there always will be…by many highly regarded and notary dealerships, many of whom have remained loyal to this business over the long term. The gross profit margin is extremely high, as is a low-cost service-based model. Being able to make a highly lucrative income per job and also having a passive income “pipeline” already built within this business, for the benefit of a new owner.
  • Staff are in support of this business, and many more could be added over time.
  • The demand for this particular service, due to how it has been packaged and priced, is in high demand and most importantly differs from what competitors are offering – hence the existing client loyalty and high repeat transactions enjoyed for more than the last decade and ½! Majority of all new clients have simply been referred by staff of existing clients.
  • This is a very “scalable” operation, generating a consistent number of jobs to be completed regularly. It would be easy to scale this low-cost business up and in many directions. As many more pipelines of income could be added (ideas contained within the detailed profile). For family reasons, this owner has only chosen to invest part-time hours per week, as, if you earned this high income, you may be tempted to enjoy a cruisy lifestyle too.
  • This service is not hard to provide.
  • The ongoing client demand has allowed this owner the luxury of not needing to market this business’s service actively (no website/social media etc).
  • This could represent a highly rewarding “bolt-on” option, for a similar service industry business.
  • This is an extremely time and effort leveraged business model (majority of all clients pay upon completion or within only days from providing the service). A positive and low risk cash flow ensues here. There has been little focus on actively growing sales. Basically, sales have been generated inbound and organically, providing a highly profitable business. You will be surprised at the high yield. This business simply finds itself ‘flush’ with many new & existing client jobs and enjoys a net income return that would make any new owner content. There is ample potential for further sales growth, given how robust this sales and profit base actually is…

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