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Multi-Site Caravan & Motorhome Outlet and Service Centre #126

$1,290,000 + SAV Ref: 1023327

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Established for Nearly a Decade and a Half by This Current Owner, This is One of the Largest of Its Kind, Having So Few Direct Competitors (the Owner Struggled to List Them) … This is a Fully Managed, Multi-Site Caravan, Recreational Vehicle & Motorhome Accessories/Spare Parts Product Outlet and Service Centre. Always in Demand, as Enjoying Long term, Contracted and Preferred Supplier/Service Provider Status, With All Major Insurers, Top Brand Manufacturers, Resellers and Wholesalers Within the Australian Market. This After Market Product and Service Specialist is Not Only Unique, But is Oh So Profitable, Even Under Full Staff Management!

  • Being established for 18 years by this current owner, this is a direct to consumer, and service provider, including accessory and spare part product supplier to all the major insurance companies (smaller percentage of total sales), major, well known caravan, RV and motorhome manufacturers, brand owners, resellers, wholesalers/distributors around the country.
  • There being immediate option for a new owner to launch their 4,000 (approx.) products being supplied to both end users and owners of caravans and RV’s, as well as industry businesses, online, and create a national webstore, which could only increase this already robust and highly profitable, staff managed, multi-site investment. Creating another pipeline for passive income, is just the beginning of taking this business to its next level of expansion.
  • This would be an opportune “bolt-on” for an existing industry operation. Its massive positive, paid upfront and consistent cashflow alone, would make it the “jewel in the crown” for any industry business!
  • With multiple managers across these conveniently located and prime positioned branches, there is much diversity to profit from here. Diversity of clientele, being both business to business, and supplying spare parts, accessory products direct to end users, including insurance companies, manufacturers/wholesalers, distributors and resellers of caravan, RV’s, and motorhomes. More profit comes from supplying and supporting the 20,000 (approx.) clients on the existing client database.
  • Due to the sheer size, volumes, consistent flow of inbound and organically generated sales, day to day, this owner does not operate this business, day to day – the staff do. Its multi-site structure proves its highly systemised operation is duplicatable and highly systemised, yet independently owned and operated (same owner since inception, this business being this good! – transferring only for change sake after so many years). There is option to open many more branches up and down the east coast of Australia…if the new owner or existing industry business is so motivated to grow sales and profits, exponentially.
  • This is an under marketed business, especially for the last 5 years, not even needing to actively communicate to its existing clientele, having ample inbound and pre-booked jobs, and on-going product demand and sales that this net income has been glorious enough.
  • Leading this owner to relinquish this business to a new owner now, even offering to remain on as a consultant to support, if new branches were to be opened in future. The pride among this owner, managers and staff is great, the success of this brand and operation far reaching.
  • This is a unique operation, which dominates and occupies an industry niche market, being a safer investment due to its well-diversified clientele, product range, supplier base and service offering.
  • There is option to increase the existing insurance jobs, including importing products to achieve even greater profit margins, but this industry and clientele demand continues to grow, in line with Australian’s appetite for domestic travelling in their own RV, caravan, motorhome etc.
  • Baby boomers are retiring and hitting the open road (their retirement plans are peaking over the next 10 years), and even the younger 30-45 client demographic is surprising all, purchasing these high-ticket items, saving money, and giving them new found freedom to roam and explore what Australia has to offer.
  • This is a large, stable and solid investment, well poised for acquisition and transfer now, being already highly systemised, technology supported, profitable and in demand, by the largest names in the industry. Trusted and having the reputation for a consistent quality of service and products. This product offering of 4,000 (approx.) is not only large, but this brand has become a “one stop outlet”, for most who have made it their “go to” business for all this caravan, motorhome, RV, aftermarket needs. There is even potential to begin supplying clients with new or used, even hired caravans, RV’s or motorhomes!
  • This investment not only offers diversity in spades but has built a wonderful industry wide and nationally renowned and respected reputation, during its long and very well-established trading history.
  • Much of this success and continual profit base is without requiring active marketing. The pillars of this business’s sales are already exceptionally large and the proceeds and high profit margins are being made from a high percentage of recurring business, which just keeps flowing into this investor owner’s bank account. Wait until you see the investor net income and financial statements! You’ll be impressed.

This is the first time ever made available for transfer, and this owner is open to all genuine offers. $1.29 Million + SAV $360 – 400K)

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